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Anyone use Swivels?

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20 hours ago, DogtaEff said:

Thanks for all the feedback. 


Mikechell.... maybe you can help me out because you seem like a bass guy. This lake is odd and there isn’t much structure other than the shorelines. 


If you venture out and try to swim in the leg you just sink a few a few feet into call soft stuff. Rumour has it that there was a mill around here in the 40s. They used to take huge amounts of sawdust and put it out onto the lake in the winter and then when the ice melted it would just sink. 


The lake is about 5-6 feet deep and on clear days the bottom just looks baron. I’ve never seen a crayfish. Not too many minnows either. I don’t know what they are eating. The lake turns on and off as far as fishing. I did more trolling because I was hoping to figure out a pattern but can’t figure one out at all. Ecosystem seems great. Beavers, loons, turtles and snakes are often seen. 


This year the fall fish population seems to be up considerably. 


Any thoughts?

Beavers and loons put you up north somewhere.    Mike has hit it  pretty much on the head in terms of a lake seeming to be barren.    With a soft bottom, I'd be willing to bet it has some decent may fly hatches.    The fallfish are most likely the primary forage fish for the bass and loons.   Depth can be deceptive, especially in a clear lake.   I'd be willing to bet there are deeper holes in the lake.  Do you have a depth/fish finder?  It would help to find those subtle drop-offs that  Mike mentioned and other structure that you may not be seeing.   Weed beds, lily pads?     The lake has  beavers.   Where there are beavers, there should be downed trees along the shore, and they have to live somewhere so there should be a couple of beaver huts along the shore.  Beaver huts are fish attractors.     What you see above water is only a 1/3 of the actual hut.  The whole hut may extend out 25 feet or more from the surface portion.    Below is a bass I  caught off a beaver hut.   The surface portion of the hut is in the upper right corner of the photo.  The boat's sitting over the outer edge of the submerged portion in about 12 feet of water.   


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When I'm streamer fishing, I'll often put a small swivel at the end of the butt section of my leader. Makes an easy spot to change tippet, and prevents twist.

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