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Fly Tyer Magazine Swap

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Its been awhile since I have hosted a swap and my favorite swap to host was always the Fly Tyer  magazine swap. I am looking for 12 participants, any pattern from Fly Tyer Magazine, everyone please post recipe on here once swap is over. Due date November 16th.


1. Woodenlegs- received

2. Byron Anderson- received

3. Vicrider- received

4. Stabgnid

5. Johnw1986- received

6. Niveker- received

7. Fishingbobnelson- received

8. Redietz- received

9. Mikemac1- received

10. cphubert- received

11. breambuster- received

12. SFCPuck


we are full!

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I'm in. It will have to be an older copy since discontinued it a year ago. Just reached a point where everything is repetition so will pick something from an old mag I have parts for and submit that.


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Just to let anyone know, if you don't get the mag I have a pile of old ones and would be glad to cut the pages out of one and send you the article on any fly pattern you'd be interested in. Heck, I'd send you the whole mag if you want in the swap but don't have a mag to get pattern from.

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i have the following issues on pdf format if somebody want them for this swap

summer 2011

autumn 2011

winter 2011

spring 2012

winter 2018

please pm me with your email and ill send you a copy of each issue




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