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Western Coachman in 4K

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The Royal Wulff is a fly in which I am very familiar with and fished many times. It has a different tail and a different wing as well. The Western Coachman though is a fly im used to seeing as a wet fly, or I guess maybe its an emerger. But a customer of mine asked me to tie it as a dry fly, so here is my attempt at that. They are beautiful flies, especially with the golden pheasant tails. That is some trippy cool looking birds with awesome feathers!

Anyway I tied up 24 of these for this gentleman who I am hoping will catch some really nice fish with them. I tied them in size 12 and 14, which both came out good. Being the first time ive tied these though, I hope I did a good enough job. For anyone watching who has tied these before, please let me know if I did anything wrong. The head and hackle on this particular one didn't come out perfect, the others did much better. Just I can't chew gum and walk, so tying and talking and filming together usually make for a bumble of a tie.


Hook:  Risen "Dry fly 100bl" or firehole sticks number 419 (any standard dry fly hook)
Thread:  Veevus 10/0 in black
Tail:  Golden Pheasant Tippet
Rib: Small sized gold ultra wire
Abdomen: Peacock Hurl
Wing: Deer Belly Hair
Hackle:  Coachman Brown dry fly saddle hackle
Head Cement: Loon water based

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So sorry, unfortunately something happened and the video got deleted off YouTube, I will re-upload and re-post.  Sorry!!!

OK its uploaded and edited above to the one that works.  LOL

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1 hour ago, Mark Knapp said:

Very nice looking fly. I didn't get a chance to look at the video yet but I will when I get a chance.


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