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Fly Tying

November Flies From the Vise

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7 hours ago, denduke said:

Nifty bodies.  Did you ever use the template I sent you?  I think I did...   Yours are alots simpler though.

I used it to make a template of the parts.  The popper came out ugly and a lot heavier than the ones I was making in up.  I was looking at the original pieces, but not doing anything with them now.

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Almost December, one more batch here.  For lack of a better name I call it an Eztaz Bug since that's the main material in the fly.  It use to be a mainstay in my warm water box but I rotated them out and haven't put them back in.  Time to put them back in.  These are tied on Partridge Universal Predator size 6 and a Partridge Sea Streamer  size 6.             The Universal Predator is  1XL.   The Sea Streamer appears to be a 4XL.




Hook-  Partridge Sea Streamer/Universal Predator Size 6

Weight- Lead wire, 6 to 8 wraps on the center of the shank

Tail-  White marabou, 2 pieces of pearl flash on each side

Body-  Pearl Estaz wrapped and trimmed to shape

Thread-  Clear polyester,  white or pearl

They do work.  The bass took a size 4 pearl fly and it's the only fly I've ever hooked a carp on.


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21 hours ago, chugbug27 said:

Nice trout!

I'm experimenting a little this morning with some fur @Mark Knapp was kind enough to send out, what, a year or two ago already? Yikes. A long delayed thank you to Mark, this stuff is interesting.

The first is a fur hair nymph made with a lynx fur patch sent by Mark, and tailed and wing cased with some moose hock Mark sent me more recently. Plays like hares mask, but the guard hairs are much longer. I snipped off some of the tips to cut the length, which is a shame because they have nice coloring.

The second is a caddis pupa made out of bison fur (brown) ribbed and legged and antennaed with bison beard (black), both from Mark. The bison beard is similar to a thin horse hair. It will also make a good woven body material (like horse mane), or midge body material (like moose mane, only shiny black through and through), or maybe the top of a baitfish pattern.  Good stuff. Anyways, the fur is really hard to manage, as you can see, hence the name I gave it.

Again, a big thank you to Mark Knapp.

Nice flies Chug, Glad you are having fun with the stuff.

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