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Spring Rendezvous

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About 16 years ago, several Federators from Louisiana and Texas were fishing and “conclaving” together in early October at the Federation of Fly Fisher’s' Southern Council Conclave in Mt. Home, Arkansas. While there, we realized that it was ridiculous for such good friends to only gather once a year in northern Arkansas, when we all lived “relatively close” to each other in Louisiana and Texas.


So, we agreed to meet at a “central point” several weeks later. The site agreed to was the North Toledo Bend State Park outside of Zwolle, Louisiana.


Early that November, members of three FFF clubs: The North Louisiana Fly Fishers (Shreveport, LA), The Piney Woods Fly Fishers (Lufkin, TX) and the Acadiana Fly Rodders (Lafayette, LA), all met on the shores of Toledo Bend Reservoir. Some of us rented cabins, some camped, and several brought travel trailers. There were several wives and even a girlfriend or two in tow. (Yes - as I said, this was a while back!) We tied flies, cast rods, played in boats, and even caught a few fish…


Yeah, we had a great time!! We had such a good time that we decided to make it an annual affair.


While “exploring” this Louisiana State Park, we found that it had a "Group Facility" with a lodge (complete with a great stone fireplace), with a commercial kitchen, 5 bunkhouses, and a central bath/shower facility that could be rented at a very reasonable cost. So, we made reservations for a weekend that next fall.


We decided to call this event “Rendezvous”, and members of Federation clubs from throughout the mid-South (TX. LA, OK, AR, MO, TN and MS) have been attending this fall gathering for fly tyers and fly fishers for all these years.


The event has become a Mecca for fly tyers (and would be fly tyers, as this is the very best venue in the country to learn to tie from a host of excellent tyers!) from throughout the mid-South.


I know that a number of members of this Forum have a great deal of respect for the late Tom Nixon. Well, Tom was as regular tyer at the Rendezvous’ as was another recently deceased great warmwater specialist/tyer/Co-founder of the Road Kill Roundtable, Michael Verduin (For those of you who did not have the privilege of knowing Michael, "Goggle" Michael Verduin and check out some of his patterns).


How would ya' have like to spend the weekend tying with Tom Nixon or Michael Verduin? Well, for many years you could have!


Rendezvous is an inexpensive, relaxed weekend of tying and fly fishing, with kids and families in mind. It is a place where you can spend two full days tying flies with excellent tyers, or just relax and wet a line – when, and if ya’ want to….


No scheduled events, no fund raising, no awards, i.e. no pressure - just good friends tying and having a relaxed time.


A few years ago, a number of the “Rendezvousers”, decided to have a second gathering in the spring of the year, and the “Spring Rendezvous” was founded.


This year our the Third Annual Spring Rendezvous will be hosted by the Ouachita Fly Fishers on Friday evening April 15th through Sunday the 17th in Lake D'Arbonne State Park. D’Arbonne State Park is located near Farmerville in north-central Louisiana. The lake is full of large bass, bream, and crappie. With a little luck the 1 lb.+ chinquapins (red-eared sunfish) will be spawning, and if that's the case... we'll have a ball with our 3 & 4 wt.s!!


It’s a great weekend, where a number of fly tyers and their families will be tying and fishing. If you can make it down, or up - as the case may be, you’re welcome to attend!


Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone, because if you ever attend any S.E.C. or SOC Conclaves, then I’m sure that you’ll recognizes some of us, as many of the invited tyers at both the S.E.C. and SOC Conclaves are regulars at "Rendezvous".


Two websites that have information on next month’s the Third Annual Spring Rendezvous are:


http://home.sprynet.com/~waltermc/ (scroll down and then click on Spring Rendezvous)




The Fall Rendezvous site web site is: http://home.sprynet.com/~waltermc/Rendez/indexR.html


Hope to see ya’ there.


Tight lines,



(a.k.a. Kyle Moppert)


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Good to see you posting a.k.a. I was wondering who wrote the post and then you gave it away.


I can't make it this year but will try for the next one.


Kyle I won't tell anyone that you are a bait fihserman. biggrin.gif rolleyes.gif bugeyes.gif


Irish Dave Duffy

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