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Useful Information For Classic Salmon Flies

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Almost 2 years ago at this point a friend approached me about getting a group of tyers together focused specifically on Classic Salmon Flies. It got off to a relatively good start with a dozen or so tyers, about half of which were new to tying these flies. Summer of 2019 and fishing season intervened and we took the summer off. Well it wasn't long before the winter of 2019/2020 put the damper of things with the Covid19 pandemic rearing its ugly head...and the Valley Forge Atlantic Salmon Fly Guild ceased to exist. I continued to get together with a couple of fellows for some one on one sessions due to their serious interest.

So...where am I going with this? At the start of it all I put together a basic document to try and steer the newbies in the right direction to get them started. I am going to...hopefully...attach that document for those of you who are new to this genre and might find it useful.


Basic Classic Salmon Fly Material List (2) (1).docx

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Thanks George. In between getting some work done I'm checking it out. BTW, I said hey for you to McLain when I placed my order. 

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