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I've got a pile of stainless hooks that I'm not using. I will only sell as a bundle. PP G&S free shipping only. Please reply below for interest.

Most packs are unopened but some have been repackaged from larger (100) packs

Mustad 37160 #8 Non-stainless  100 pack but opened, I bought them used (estimate 80+ hooks)

Daiichi 2546 sizes 3/0 10 hooks, 1/0 15 hooks, 2 20 hooks

TMC 811s #4  25 hooks, unopened

Mustad 3407 DT 1,2,4,6 all 25 packs - estimated hook count about 15+ per pack

Maruto Odoul 3/0 Pack says 50, I have not used any but package is opened, I would still estimate 45-50

All together about 200 hooks stainless and then the pack of 37160

I would estimate total retail value around $100 USD+ I'm asking $75


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Be nice to have the Mustad #3407's & Daiichi saltwater hooks for the tying bench as haven't seen stainless #3407's in years as they went to double tinned & then were discontinued while tie bonefish, etc. on TMC #411 #4,  but don't have a Whiting neck in grey.....

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