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Fly Tying

Christmas Eve Fishing

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Great time today on a river located around halfway between my house and a very good friend who lives in southern Maine. I earmarked today several days ago when it looked ideal in the weather forecast, with temps warming up to the mid-40s with a storm approaching later in the day. It did not disappoint as I was able to check off December and lengthen my streak of at least one trout/salmon per month for nine consecutive calendar months. 

The trout were finicky but it was clear the size 8 Golden Retriever was the ticket. It was the only fly I fished all day. Netted this one after a few strikes before he was finally hooked. 




My buddy hauling in one of a handful of brownies he had for the day:




We explored further downstream than we had before, but didn't have much luck so we returned up where we continued to have success. 



Netted this muscular 16" gal after a pretty hard fight. 


Here's me, photo courtesy of Pete:


Definitely a blast. Great way to spend some socially distanced time with a very good friend and fellow fly fisherman on Christmas Eve. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! 


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40s is a heat wave up North. Watch North Woods Law and love the scenery in ME and NH! A high school friend of my daughter told of living in Maine. Go out on the deck and throw a hot cup of coffee up in the air. Freezes before it hits the deck.

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On 12/25/2020 at 8:43 AM, jamieofthenorth said:

 @skeet3t Here's video of me doing just that some time ago: Link here. 🙂

LOL- I did the same thing down here in Mass during a cold snap.  We were at minus 19 degrees though.  You got to try it at least once when the weather is that cold.

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