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Fly Tying
Mark Knapp

Some big bears I've known.

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3 hours ago, DFoster said:

Funny I just watched a youtube video on the top 10 strongest land predators in the world.  Number 1 on their list was a tiger and the rest were all big cats with a croc thrown in.  While a full grown tiger is a tough hombre my money would be on the Brown or Polar Bear.

That is funny, I would have thought the the big bears would be in there too. They can weight 1200 pounds. We weighed one that was 1,185 pounds.


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Peter Hathaway Capstick has a book,  Maneaters, that covers all the above mentioned critters plus a few others. The cats actually account for many, many more human deaths than the bears. I recommend the book for any hunter. As Capstick implies, You are only protein to a lot of predators

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