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Fly Tying
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What materials are needed to get started?

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16 hours ago, SilverCreek said:

buy materials to tied the pheasant tail nymph, gold ribbed hare's ear nymph, parachute adams, sparkle duns, elk hair caddis and wooly buggers. You could tie ants

Hooks: Wholesale Fly Co.

Model 3 barbless dry in size 14

Model 7 Nymph hook in size 14

(Model 8 if you want to add a bead head to your nymphs)

Model 22 barbless 3xl in size 10 for buggers

(Model 24 4xl if you want a bead on your buggers.)

(Tungsten beads in size 3/32 for size 14 hooks, in size 5/32 for size 10 hooks.) (Optional)

Materials, from J Stockyard or other:

Pheasant tail feather

Peacock feather or a pack of herl

Turkey feather (optional - can use pheasant tail for wing case)

Small gold wire

Hare's mask (English hare) 

Muskrat patch

Two Whiting pro grade half capes, one in brown and one in grizzly

Nature's Spirits comparadun deer hair

Superfine (or other dry fly dubbing) in light yellow and olive green (get a 12 color box if you want instant variety)

One spool of Antron Yarn in cream or ginger or tan

Nature Spirits elk hair patch - either Yearling Elk or Select Cow Elk

Olive (or other color) marabou blood quills 

Medium chenille (matching color)

Strung rooster saddle (matching color) (this is optional, you can use the big feathers on your Whiting grizzly cape)

Small pearl tinsel

(Add carded fleece dubbing in black and maybe red for ants)

Should run you $125 to $150

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