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Fly Tying

March Flies From the Vise

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March Brown variant

body needs to be filled out a bit


Hook; 12

Thread: Brown

Tail: Turkey pre-tail fibers

Rib: DMC light gold thread

Body:Hare's mask

Thorax: Mix hare's mask/FTD mahogany thorax dubbing

Legs: Hungarian partridge, brown

Wing: Turkey pre-tail slips


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Don't think I've contributed to the March thread yet.  I've tied a fair bit, but haven't paused to take pictures very often.

Here are a couple of Lefty's Deceivers I put together last week in hopes of chasing Chain Pickerel.



Hook: Gamakatsu B10S Stingers (#6-1/0)

Thread: 70 Denier (White)

Tail: Saddle Hackle (4x; White)

Flash: Crystal Flash (Pearl)

Body/Collar: Bucktail (Chartreuse over White & Red over White)

Throat: FTD Northern Lights (Red)

Eyes: 4mm Stick-On Eyes

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Booby type dragon nymph.

Size 8 barb less nymph hook.

10 Vevus thread

Olive marabou tail.

Light olive cactus chenille body.

Shellback is 3 mm olive foam

Eyes: Rainy's float foam black medium 


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Updated more realistic floating dragon nymph.  Simplified from Rowley's draggin' nymph.

Size 6 nymph hook, barb less

Abdomen light olive crystal chenille.

Back: olive3 mm foam

Legs: sparkle olive and black silicone legs

Eyes: Rainey's black med  float foam

For use in lakes with a sinking line


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