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Burbot fishing

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It's that time again when the Tanana river has thawed up (Sorry, no pictures.) I was riding back from Fairbanks to Delta yesterday, and along the way we cross the bridge. On the way to Fairbanks at sometime around 9 in the morning. The shore closest to Delta was fishable, but the shore opposite to delta still had some shelf ice. While in Fairbanks the temperature went way up to 55 degrees and on the way back to Delta the opposite side was now fishable. And It's only getting warmer, so you know what that means. Fishing. Sorry, no fly fishing but still fishing. The reason why there will be no fly fishing is I am fishing for burbot. So that means big, bare hooks, bait 4 ounce weights, and a fairly big rod. I'll keep you updated on the burbot season.

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Imma use my 6 foot 6 inch Ugly Stik.


Here are the details. The rod is made out of graphite sadly. And I am bad at picture taking.


Here is my Cemar C-30 reel with 20 lb test braid.


Here is my rig. 4 ounce weight, hook with a 3/4ths inch gap (That's a legal hook), and 30 pound test line.

That's my setup for you 

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