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Bucktail Bass Jig Video

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Nice video.  I liked that you tied your jigs sparse.  Most hair jigs that you buy commercially use way to much bucktail.  Same is true for the Clouser minnow.  I've got to tie some jigs for a trip to Ontario, assuming the border is open, in late August.  I think most of the jigs don't have a collar, but that was a nice trick for spreading the buck tail around the collar.  I need to keep it in mind.  Rather than a loop of thread to pull the tag end under the wraps I use a loop floss threader which I also use when wrapping guides on rods.  One suggestion, on the Clouser minnow, which is the closest thing to a buck tail jig in fly fishing, the pieces of flash extend 1/8 to 1/4 inch  beyond the buck tail.  It might be worth a try.

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Nice video.  I figure you are using a cdad or swimmer tail plastic trailer with your hair jigs?  Correct? I think hair jigs have a better/different look than the popular skirted ones.  
Like most things I kinda go crazy/over do stuff.   I have added flash, rubber legs, glittered the heads, etc...you name it.   I’ve even added spinners out the back.  I’ve tied jigs to look like shrimp.  I’ve tied feathered and chennile  jigs for crappie.   I’ll just post couple of pics of the jig jazzing I do for salty fish where I add a plastic swimmer tail or spinner.  If you’re interested I could post some others but this is your post and I respect that.  




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I guess you could tie a lotta fly patterns, streamers mostly on jig heads if this wasn’t a flytying forum😛.   My salty buddies limit my flycasting on most of our trips but I tied a shrimp pattern behind the jig( shrimp/critter dressed jigs)and caught doubles several times.   The problem the trailer would hang up too much.  So I made some with styrofoam heads to float up behind the jigs.   Tied some “shrimp/critters” and some flashy ones to match the speckled plastic tails.  Mostly purple or blue flakes likes in the previous post.  One time we went way in the marsh in two boats and it was live shrimp deal for speckled trout/redfish. (25 fish limit it’s all about filling coolers with these guys and they frown on me waivering from the norm....”Old man you’re not contributing to the coolers enough”...yada, yada.   It’s all in fun though ) We were running outa live shrimp so I tied a double fiber shrimp fly deal under the click/popping corks that we were using on spin rigs.   And I kept on catching!                  The last pic is the shrimp/critter flies that I copied to jigs...

The point of this is Jay you could tie crawfish, baitfish patterns, what ever on your jigs if you wanta get creative!  A Cdad  trailer on those hair jigs is prolly hard to beat though.👍







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