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Fly Tying
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Virtual Flats Swap

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Here we go.  Work is a real bummer but i got a chance last night


1.  Tie in your dumbells, marabou and mono eyes.


2.  5 diagonal wraps beneath each eye and then 2 under wraps to lock them in place.


3.  Double over a pair of sililegs and tie in.


4.  Creat a dubbing loop at the "head of the fly"


5.  Tease out your dubbing and align like so.


6.  Put the dubbing into your loop, spin, and then tease out some more.

7.  Wrap your dubbing loop back towards the dumbells and tie off. 


8. Tease out the dubbing.


9.  Add your choice of wing.  This time I used fox.

10.  Whip finish and finish off with either head cement or your choice of Thin uv resin.















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On 7/30/2021 at 10:15 PM, Woodenlegs said:

Dave, I don't tie these flies, so I'm not "in".  But It sounds pretty cool.


No worries mate.  I'll think of something that might get more takers after this.

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@Chasing_Tails  ...   thanks for the step by step.  Here is my attempt at the Kwan as you described...  plus a weedguard because of where I might be able to fish it.


Awesome tie....





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20 hours ago, cphubert said:

Sorry will try to post mine soon having a family issue to tie up my time at the moment.


No problem man.  Take your time.

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OK, a "virtual swap" is a good idea.  I will play.

I have had to give up on fishing the Indian River flats since they became so dirty, but this was a pattern that I used with good results.  It works not only in the flats but in the Surf and fresh water as well.  I tie it in all kinds of colors and sizes.  The bodies on these are built up with layers of yarn or flattened heavy monofilament into the minnow shape.  Then I use Sulky Hollowshimmer to add the tail fibers, and wrap the body.  Stick on eyes,  and coat with 3 coats of rod varnish.   They are tied on the longest hooks I can find.  So far, I have caught 8 different species of fish with them.  All the common flats fish in FL including Tarpon, Reds, Snook, Sea Trout, and Lady fish. 


Surf Rainbow.JPG


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