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Green Drake Hatches

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Green Drake hatches should be starting up any time on our local freestone streams. Drunella doddsii (adult dun pictured here) is most common but we also have Drunella grandis on a few of the spring creeks in the area. I prefer to fish this hatch with an extended body green drake parachute in medium olive when the fish are keyed in on the adult duns waiting for their wings to dry. 


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Don't forget nymphs before the hatch....

Schweibert has this for the doddsi nymph

Hook - 1xl #12-14

Thread - dark brown

Tails - dark brown mottled pheasant fibers (body length)

Body - dark brownish gray dubbing ribbed with dusty brown dubbing over ruby silk

Gills - dark olive grayish Marabou fibers secured with fine gold wire

Thorax - dark brownish gray dubbing on olive silk

Wing cases - dark brownish gray with a pale median quill tied down over the thorax

Legs - dark brown partridge dyed olive

Head - thread

(That's a mouthful...)

Fished deep to mid level starting a few hours before the hatch.

Add a duck or starling down wing (wet fly style) for the last foot or so before the emergers reach the surface.

I'm dealing with family issues at the moment, so forgive my vicarious enjoyment of your hatch...

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Good point chugbug27 - I do find that the the pre-hatch nymph activity can provide more action than the hatch itself. Here is the fly selection I carry. The nymphs are tied in simple Hare's Ear style (but a bit chunkier) using olive-brown rabbit dubbing. For the emergers, I replace the wing case with a tuft of deer hair and the tail with olive antron. When I fish the emerger, I apply floatant to the deer hair only and spit on the rest of the fly - this makes it hang in the surface film.


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Nice flies.  I had to check where you're located  as the Eastern Green Drake is totally different fly.  The adult has a greenish white body and is usually tied on size 8 2XL hook

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