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Rubber legs

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Yep,  these are on #4 Mustad 34007 hooks and in a size or two larger - small permit....  I've been thinking about a version that would pretty closely imitate a sand flea (mole crab) without those sili legs legs and with a very short maribou tail.. 

This pattern, I believe was originally meant for fishing the Turneffe Islands in the Caribbean.  I got regular orders for it back when I was tying for shops in south Florida... I haven't had much use for them in the backcountry of the Everglades where you'll never see a bonefish until you're halfway between Flamingo and Islamorada (we fish the dark waters to the north of that area and are rarely found in Florida Bay...).

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On 7/29/2021 at 3:19 PM, Capt Bob LeMay said:

What Philly describes is exactly what I found with rubber legs... all those years ago - so I just quit using them.  When Sili-legs came along they were exactly what I needed.  Yes, they'll tear and break - but they won't cause the problems that rubber did.   Here's a pic of one pattern I do that uses the Sili-legs - my version of Mathews Turneffe crab... 


Capt Bob, Where are you finding Sili-legs? Thanks Sir!

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