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Fly Tying

August Flies From the Vise

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Nice couple of nymphs niveker.  I am getting ready for a fall trip to Utah.  So I have been tying some trout flies.  There should be some caddis flies in their homes for the winter by then.




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BK Dragonfly Nymph Variant

Hook – Mustad 9672, size 4-6-8

Eyes – Black chain

Thread – Black

Tail – Black hen hackle

Body – Olive uni yarn

Ribbing - Black tying thread, crisscrossed

Legs – Black hen hackle

Head – Synthetic peacock dubbing 

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Sharptail Rump Flatwing





hook - WFC Model 6 #6
thread - Veevus 8/0 tan
tail - sharptail rump tips 
rib - small wire gold 
abdomen - medium tinsel pearl
thorax - aftershafts
shoulder - sharptail rump
wing - sharptail rump


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Black Beauty

Hook - Tiemco 101 or equivalent, size 16-26

Thread - Black

Ribbing - Copper, gold or silver wire

Body - Tying thread

Thorax - Black dubbing

Can be tied on any style hook

Popularized by Pat Dorsey

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Been tying, just not posting so here goes. After a great night on the local tailwater fishing size 22 psuedocloeons and getting broken off on 6.5x too many times. Not at the knot but tippet breaks I had to restock the box. 


Size 22 last chance cripples:

Hook:Size 22 Tiemco 100

Thread:Lt olive Veevus 16/0

Shuck: brown Z-lon

Abdomen: tying thread

Wing: lt. dun CDC

Hackle: Whiting natural grizzly variant


and size 22 hi viz parachute baetis:

Hook: 22 Tiemco 100

Thread: lt. olive Veevus 16/0

Post: cerise McFlylon

Tail: med. Pardo CDL

Abdomen: tying thread

Thorax: lt grey dun natural beaver

Hackle: Whiting natural grizzly variant

Some great ties this month as usual. Very nice work everyone. 




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The Dotterel . No. 35 from North Country Flies by Pritt.

Hook. Daiichi 1480  size 24.

Silk. Pearsalls Gossamer yellow.

Body. Yellow silk.

Hackle. Dotterel(unobtainable). I subbed Starling under covert.





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On 8/9/2021 at 4:00 PM, flytire said:



Hook - Mustad R50-94840, size 12-16

Thread - Brown

Tail - Cree hackle fibers

Body - Dubbed pink rabbit or synthetic fur

Wings - Grizzly hackle tips tied upright and divided

Hackle - Cree

Popular Fly Patterns - Terry Helleckson (page 20)

I haven't seen pink rabbits since I quit drinking and smoking that "weed" in the 1980's  :D  so I used pink dyed beaver

I don't really understand the lure of cree hackles. The hackles look pretty on the bird but when its palmered around a hook shank the unique coloration just disappears, at least to my eyes. A well dyed grizzly, brown/grizzly mix or barred ginger would look just as good as cree and the fish (and fly fishermen) wouldn't even know the difference

This is a Metz cree from the 1980's $$ (sorry its the only one i have and i used it in the fly above)


Maybe 2021 $$$ versions of cree hackles are better in coloration if you can find and afford one

yes yes we covered cree hackles in the past. no need to rehash all over again

I agree on the overall coloration on the fly after its tied...dark barred ginger is probably very very equivalent and nothing looks quite as good as brown and grizzly mixed, The allure of Cree is its scarcity so....count me in on getting another (I have one !)

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I still like Cree feathers for shrimp patterns and as noted above have  a small supply since the eighties (Metz #2 saddles) - I'm a saltwater tyer and never do anything smaller than a #6 for bonefish - mostly....   A great substitute for tarpon flies is what's called in the trade "red chinchilla" - that I have a pound of.... in neck hackles alone, as well as a smaller amount in strung saddles... Saltwater tyers have little use for those gorgeous skins meant for skilled freshwater tyers... Here's a pic or two....


the Sand Devil


"something shrimpy"

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