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Winter's Hope

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Winter's Hope (Bill McMillan)

Hook: TMC 7999 #2-5/0

Thread: Danville 6/0, Red

Body: Silver mylar tinsel (tied in at the front, hook shank coated lightly with super glue and wrapped down and back up, tied off a head width from the eye)

Collar: Cock or hen, saddle or neck, 3 wraps each of pale blue (I prefer Kingfisher blue) , then pruple

Wing: Hackle tips (these are saddle, more pointed...hen would be more rounded, your choice) 2 yellow inside of 2 orange, left and right sides of cape or strung hackle with corresponding curves, good side out

Head: Red thread, superglue, then UV resin

NOTES: This one seems a bit over dressed, I chose collar hackles with a bit more web for a fuller profile in off color water, I also tie it with a less webby hackle for a faster sinker, clearer water version. These hackle tip wing flies are very simple and fun to tie, albeit with a little finesse on the wing set but with a bit of patience and material prep it can easily be acheived. These can be tied in any number of color combinations but the original is pale blue, purple, yellow and orange...I prefer to sub Kingfisher blue. This one is tied on a #2 TMC 7999, a good seasonal crossover size. It can be tied for summer steelhead in sizes down to a light wire #8 or winter steelhead up to a heavy wire 5/0...a 3/0 AJ makes a nice chassis. 



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