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Fly Tying

Delta variant be damned, we're doing Christmas Swap

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3) 6 large saltwater flies. i.e. crabs, shrimp, streamers, etc. tied on saltwater hooks.


4) 3 stacked and packed deer hair flies. These are more effort than most other flies and can be things of beauty. I have a few from members too nice to fish so they hang on my tying bench for inspiration.

You are NOT limited to listed amount of flies. I CANNOT always balance the amounts of flies and box when cross matching the swappers and secret santas so sending in several extra is great but cannot guarantee getting back anything except minimums.

This has been a fun swap and I hope to make it fun, equitable, and get each person flies geared toward their preference as much as possible. Let's have fun and the sooner I get all the flies the sooner they'll be packaged and returned. Once back to receivers I expect them to sit UNMOLESTED under tree until Christmas Eve.rolleyes.gif I promise to keep better track of where your flies go and be able to give that info if no one responds to your flies.


There is no limit to how many can participate in this swap. Considering it's Christmas, the more the merrier.
You may send in boxes in more than one category or more than one box in a category. You will get a return gift for each box sent.


You decide what you think someone would like to receive, tie them up and send them in. No limit to the amount of participants for this swap.
I pledge on my part to keep better track of flies and boxes, where they go, and get photos this year.
Nick Szabo
PO Box 361
Cheyenne OK 73628
[email protected]

Notes based on last year's questions...

1. Yes, my email is paypal connected for postage

2. To clarify a point, I'm going to try again on this since I've had a couple of questions on it.
Let's say you're in for a panfish swap. Now, let's say you don't know 15 panfish flies you can tie comfortably and send in. Okay, no one (most anyway), wants a dozen identical Bluegill Bullies. If you're only comfortable with a few different patterns fine. Just mix them up so you have no more than 3 of any single pattern so the person will have some variety in his box. This could be as simple as 5 sets of 3 different patterns, 5 sets of 3 similar but different color or weight or size patterns, or 2 sets of 3 patterns and 9 different patterns. Not trying to confuse anyone here, just trying to make it clear that this is not the swap where we try to tie 12 identical patterns.

3. Since it was brought up by someone, I will include the Santa's surprise for at least one lucky member drawn at random. This will consist of some flies sent as extras by generous souls and maybe a few tying materials I have in surplus. At least one special surprise, maybe more.

1. Stabgnid - d

2. Sandan - d

3. Woodenlegs - d

4. Rick Zieger - d

5. DarrellP - d

6. Chasing_Tails - d

7. Camo Clad Warrior - d

8. Niveker - d

9. Jonathon Barnes (FB) -d

10. Jay Dzik (FB) - d

11. Scott Stradley (FB)

12. Jeff Goetti (FB) - d

13. Musky Fly Guy - d - contribute only

14. Twisted tippet (CFRF) - y

15. Hellmtflies (CFRF) - d

16. mikemac1 - y

17. Vinny Mills (FB) - d

18. r2732 - d

19. dogfacedoc - y

20. FishingBobNelson - d

21. Sumner Mclain - d

22. ibookje (CFRF) - y

23. John 1986 - y

24. Flats Fly Fishing

25. Alexp (CFRF) - d

26. agn54 - d

27. atxdiscgolfer - d

28. breambuster - y

29. danthebugman - d

30. jburge - y

31. toothybugs (CFRF) 

32. psycho prince - y

33. Josh Pilon 08 - d





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I was kicking myself for not joining last year, even more so after all the great things said about it, so please sign me up: trout/panfish flies.  Sending email now.  

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I'm in.  I will let you know what I will be tying.  I would like to get some flies for warm water ponds.

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Got you guys. r2732 warm water ponds should work fine. Matt, I'm betting you're looking for some bass bugs and I have some extras this year I've acquired and will add to any box going your way. Now that I'm able to travel again and will need a trip to OKC soon anyway I'm hoping we can get together and chase a couple of fish this fall yet.


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Of course you will Bob and someone will really look forward to it. Knowing you infatuation and also the fishes with Caddis I ran across a different Caddis that really interests me. I thought of you right off and if I can get a couple of these things ties up decent I'm sending them to you. So far I haven't finished any that I'd send anywhere, especially not to a fish. 

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