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Fly Tying

Your Favorite Band

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  • Wierd Al- Wierdal.com
  • Big & Rich- Bigandrich.com
  • Bon Jovi
  • Toby Keith
  • Ozzy
And for our older, but wiser, members Don McLean, Meat Loaf punk.gif , Billy Joel drunk.gif smoke.gif , and Charlie Daniels Band. Is anyone surprised that a 16 year old would listen to any of those older bands? gun_bandana.gif gunsmilie.gif

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Three Doors Down



3rd Strike

Trust Company

Jimmy Buffet

Many more just don't feel like typing them all out.


Yeh Yeh I know I have a wide range of likes, from Hardcore Rock to Country and even Rap

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ALL of the mentioned singers, groups, duos and assorted are wonderful. I beleive I have enjoyed most of those: some more than others. ha.


One group has not been mentioned ( I might have missed them)---here for all you old GOATS:




THe BAND--Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, Richard and Robbie Robertson.




I don't think they have played together since 1978. Martin Scorsese made a movie about their last gig: The Last Waltz.


There is a FLASH from the past for all you "children of the 60's".



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Depends on my current mood and state of mental health. It could be...



Nine Inch Nails


Life Sex Death





Foo Fighters

Def Leppard

Van Halen (Dave or Sammy. After 20 years, it's all good!)

Velvet Revolver (one of the few bands that came from pieces of others and got it right)

The Ramones



To as far as...

Jimmy Buffet

Dean Martin

Bob Marley

Jim Croce...


I'm pretty liberal when it comes to music. :headbang: :P B)


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If I had to pick one then it would be U2. Good stuff.


I like most kinds of music just not hard rock and some country.


- Fall out boy

- Linkin Park

- Good Charlotte

- Blink 182

- Eminem

- Sublime



- Jay- Z



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It's impossible to have one favorite. That's like only liking one kind of icecream or never looking longingly at a brunette if you've professed to liking blondes. Music drives, as well as is driven, by ones' soul.


My short list (no doubt as the years pass so will this change):


Bob Marley - the man was a prophet. He was here for a reason, I'm convinced. He literally influenced the world.


The Ramones - the idiot-savants of rock-n-roll. They had no clue how they'd change music.


Bad Brains - the grandfathers of hardcore. Never before has a band played with such intensity and never since.


Queensryche - listen to Operation:Mindcrime sometime. It's storytelling genius spun with incredible music.


Buddy Guy - blues master. His style has probably been plagarized more than any other artist alive.


BB King - another blues master. A more clean, polished blues man, but still sings from the gut.


Lynyrd Synyrd - I lived in Jacksonville FL (Skynyrd's home) as a kid. Not liking Skynyrd was tantamount to blasphemy.


Molly Hatchet - same as above.


Burning Spear - one of the last artists still making pure roots style reggae.



This is a real short list. There're at least a thousand more worth mentioning. :) :headbang:




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My list goes old school to start



Pearl jam




and to the present



Project 86

east west




Go to www.Project86.com Or use the link above you may be suprised at what a christian band sounds like!!

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~ The Residents

~ Negativland

~ The Chieftains

~ Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

~ Old Blues groups

~ Kraftwerk


Enjoy! SullyTM

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My life with the thrill kill kult?

Jane's addiction?



:headbang: All good bands.



+2! My musical listening sort of topped out in 1988, there are just too many bands to list though. Lately I've been into mellow stuff; there are a couple Stereolab discs in heavy rotation in my car. Oh and I've been listening to Agent Orange on the way to the skatepark :headbang: I'm old but not dead!

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wow, lots of rockin' fly fishers here!!! guess we are the new generation huh?? I like alot of those industrial band you guys mention, megaherz is a good german band, kmfdm. even like scary scandinavian stuff like burzum. other bands I like are Disturbed, Drown, etc. too many to mention. if anyone knows where to find any tabs for playing Drown that would be cool. Also what kind of guitars do people here have, I currently have a Peavey Generation EXP at the moment and I'm keeping it, this guitar is awesome!!

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RUSH (Neil Peart is the greatest... he can play AND make music, plus most of the lyrics)


Kenny Chesney (family friend, but I still like him, especially his older pre-Key West wannabe sound)


Jimmy Martin Band (cousin, but still like his pickin)


Boston (Tom S. with his elect eng. PhD and capabilities... what sounds)


Judas Priest

Iron Maiden


Joe Satriani


Rising Force


Gatlin Brothers


Wild Cherry


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... just tossing out a few more favorites...


Alice in Chains - all the music subtly as a crate of sledgehammers, crazy vocal harmonies, and Layne Staley's soul wrenching lyrics. Listening, really listening, to their songs' words now after Layne's passing opens a tiny window into pained man's mind.


Nine Inch Nails - Trent Reznor might be one of the most under-rated musical minds of our time. "Pretty Hate Machine" always finds its' way into my CD player when I'm p.o.'d at the female in my life.


AC-DC - rock and roll pared down to it's barest essentials. The "Back in Black" CD is one that all other rock and roll should be judged against. It's the pinnacle, the perfect 10.


The Talking Heads - off kilter genius.


Rage Against the Machine - pure power and fury. Did I mention power and fury? Love 'em, miss 'em.


Public Enemy - music with a message. Agreeing with their views or not is immaterial, they spoke with intensity of a bomb and forged their genre into a new tool. They were never, and will never be, equalled by their contemporaries. It took a band as forward thinking and equally hammer-fisted as Anthrax to even collaborate with them and hold their own.


Tool - so dark and powerful it's sometimes scary just to listen to, even with the lights on. Incredible musical talent and lyric writing in this band!!!


A Perfect Circle - Maynard Keenan's side project when not fronting Tool. Heady and less imposing than Tool, but still makes your guts rumble. I like to think of them as Tool on Vallium.


Midnight Oil - politically fueled rock. These guys are willing to take on the world. My money's on the tall bald-headed dude (Peter Garrett).


... there're more, I'll stop here for now...




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