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Fly Tying

Fun with fur in February--In the mail.

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Some of us don't have much hair,, so you might like to work with some!  Tie a dozen flies with bucktail, fur or hair wing or tail.  Size 6 or smaller.  Due Feb 15th.  Send SASE and whatever container you wish.  Polybags for flies are ok if you wish to use them.

Send to:

Dr. Darrell Phillips 

7890 NW Westside Rd 

Carlton,  OR 97111

1.  WWKimba.           RECEIVED       

2. Fishing Bob Nelson.  Trude. RECEIVED 

3. Woodenlegs   RECEIVED

4. Flytire  RECEIVED 

5. Vicrider. RECEIVED 

6. Johnw1986. RECEIVED 

7. Steve-Stabgnid. RECEIVED 

8. Dogfacedoc.   Deer hair Caddis. RECEIVED 

9.  jvmills.  Stimulator.

10.  Chugbug27.  Haiwing streamer

11.  Jlearsi67. RECEIVED 

12. Trouttramp. RECEIVED

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