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Fly Tying

First Attempt at a Midge Emerger

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I think you're right on! You may find that you need a bit more CDC to float that hook, especially after a fish or two. The length of the CDC doesn't matter to the fish, but the volume will matter in floating the fly. That is a fantastic fly! If my first emerger was that good, I'd be patting myself on the back and filling a box with 'em! 

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Looks good to me.  I would agree that you need a bit more CDC to help it float.  This is my go to midge pattern.  Actually two different pictures of it..  I didn't take either picture.  I would say the wing on mine looks to be about the same length as yours.  The only difference is how its tied in.  These are tied on size 20 TMC 2488.  

This is how I normally tie it and the one I prefer to fish.


I'm not sure why the wing was sparser on this one.  I might have been short of white CDC when I tied it.  Also the wing is tied further back than the original.  


The fly cover most midge hatches I encounter in the NE and because of the size and color works for the Trico hatch.

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Excellent tie, first attempt or not. 

I also agree with what's posted above.  I like the wing thicker and a bit longer = better floatation and greater visibility. I've also found that hair from a snowshoe rabbits foot performs better that CDC, but everyone has their own opinion on that.   

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Most midge emerger patterns do NOT imitate an emerging midge.

Most midge emerger patterns are traditional "suspender patterns" that suspend the fly in a vertical orientation with the hook eye up and the bend down. This is the way a mayfly emergers by placing the thorax wing pads of of the nymph into the film and breaking through the film with the nymphal shuck trailing behind.

However, this is not how midge pupa orient themselves during emergence. They form a flattened "U" shape with the head and tail of the pupa in the film and the body hanging below.

This point is made in this video of emerging midges from Bugs of the Underworld.

Emerging midge pupa attach themselves in a "U" shape to the underside of the meniscus as in the photo below.


The only fly that I know of that can duplicate this appearance is the Roy Christie Avon Special Emerger or a variation of Roy's fly.

You can do a Google search for Roy's fly or click on Here to see the pattern. 


Roy has an easier version that should be very effective.



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