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Poor Mikey

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Looks like we're in for the second real storm since I moved here 10 years ago. Polar Vortex coming down to us. Gulf moisture moving north. West winds bringing a ball of energy with it. It is supposed to all come together right over my house. I'm in the band they say will see 6" up to 12" of snow. South and east of us freezing rain. South of us heavy sleet accumulation. I'll take the snow. Will go to the store tomorrow but shelves will be empty since no one (including me) will leave house until back above freezing on Saturday. People who are natives here tell me that western OK used to have real and regular winters 30 years ago. If climate change means winter only invades my property every 5 years or so I'll take it.

I am not real enthused about the extended stretches of 100+ days and 75-80 degree nights in July and August though. Get out and fish in morning and quit before you start to melt. Fish get very lethargic in those days but nature has adapted them to it so seldom have a die off unless you combine it with water disappearing in a drought.

Oh yeah, edit to add I've never been a fan of orange juice. I can see what price is going to do there. I love the little zipper skin tangerines though and I'm sure they're going to take a hit.

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