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Fly Tying
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Niklaus Bauer Hover 2.0 Pike Fly

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Here is a Hover 2.0

It's really cool because there is a Flymen Double Popper in the front as like an extreme intruder bump but what it does is keep the fly from nose diving head first on the pause. Really cool suspending effect in the water. Definitely will have a few more of these in my pike boxes for Spring. 

-XXL Pacchiarini Dragon Tail
-4/0 Partridge Universal Predator X
Size 2 Ahrex Predator Trailer Hook
60# titanium wire connection

Hollow Bucktail Tail Yellow Chartreuse 
Flashabou Blend- Magnum Flash Blend (Straight Gold x 4, Opal x 4, Green x 4, Silver x 2) cut in half and tapered 60/40
Standard Flashabou Blend- Silver, Opal, Glow in the Dark Green 
Body- Chocklett Filler Dub with Chartreuse Polar Chenille
Head- Medium Flymen Head
Hollow Bucktail- Yellow Chartreuse
Hollow Tied Squimpish (very sparse for flash/taper)
Head- 3" EP Chromatic Brush Black
Eyes- Fly Tyer's Dungeon
Glued with 5 min epoxy
Coated with Solarez Flex Resin



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