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All, I am very sad to report that Alan Petrucci who wrote the wonderful blog "Small Stream Reflections" passed away last Saturday.  Many reading this may not be familiar with SSR but for those of us who read it and corresponded with Alan we lost a friend.  He lived in Connecticut and his writing was generally based around his love for our native brook trout and his weekly adventures fly fishing small streams.  He was passionate about fly tying and fine food as well and would often write that day's post around either or both.  He loved tying and fishing classic soft hackles and streamers and his writings about fly fishing were passionate enough that they inspired one reader gift him a new bamboo fly rod.  He was a conservationist and an advocate for the removal of the colonial era damns that still choke a lot of our wild trout streams.  I knew him only as a "pen pal" and regrettably I never met him in person.   I live only a few minutes over the Connecticut border,  often fishing the boarders small water so I always kept and eye out for his signature "BRK TRT" license plate as I passed by the stream the pull offs.  It just wasn't meant to be.

 For me his post were a way to escape the reality of earning a living for just a few moments every other day.  To be on our beautiful New England waters, fly rod in hand at least in spirit. I will miss his writings and photos.  Those brief little breaks were precious to me and I am heart broken for his family, he leaves his wife of 53 years.  

I would encourage anyone who hasn't already to check out his blog, especially if your a small stream angler like me.  http://smallstreamreflections.blogspot.com/


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Never read the book but definitely have read of it over the years in various media. My sympathy to family and friends for the loss. Any loss hurts many people but at the same time he sounds like he left a lot of good memories.

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