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March Flies From the Vise

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1st attempt at a pike fly or a fly of this size, I need some pointers if anyone is willing to throw them out there.


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On 3/3/2022 at 5:56 PM, SilverCreek said:
On 3/3/2022 at 5:18 PM, niveker said:

Your are correct, as usual, but I have caught plenty of dumb brookies just as my stonefly pattern hits the surface at the top of a run.  Go figure.    

I don't doubt it. 

Female stoneflies do lay their eggs on the water. So adult stoneflies are eaten by trout while both egg laying and when spent and dead on the water.

Stonefly nymphs are also eaten but emerging stoneflies are not because they are on land.

I also don't doubt that the "Suspended Stonefly Pattern" above will catch trout. Trout sample the drift and even hit strike indicators as a possible food item. The Royal Wulff is a great dry fly pattern and there is no "Royal Wulff Hatch."

Fishing this past Sunday brought this old conversation to my mind, as probably 1/3 of the fish I brought to net were taken on #12 stonefly nymph pattern, fished up stream in fast water and stripped back down quick enough to draw a wake.  Lots of fun because often there were two wakes, the fly and the following fish.  Go figure.  

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