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Attention to all Swapmeisters

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Posted 03 April 2018 - 10:47 PM

This stickie will  apply mainly to those hosting our swaps, known hereafter as Swap Meister, or  SM.  For those of you who have done many swaps this is nothing new, simply bringing together the things Steve has been working on for several years now.
1. All SMs will send to me by PM or at ( [email protected] ) their name, address, email address and phone number. If you have sent this to Steve or Smalliehunter the info is stored and I will build the datebase of recognized Swap Meisters for the board.
2. If you wish to run a swap you must have participated in 3 completed swaps in good standing before you can run your own swap.
3. If a board member volunteers for one of your swaps and is a no-show this should be reported to me to add to the person's banning from future swaps. This should only be done if you have made attempts to contact the person through PM or email and they just don't respond. 
4. If a member is in your swap and life gets in the way it is his responsibility to contact you as soon as possible. Many things can keep a person from finishing their commitment and if he contacts you and explains this he is not going to be banned from future swaps unless this becomes a further problem with the member.
5. If the situation in 4. does happen on your swap it is your responsibility to make every attempt to find a last minute fill in for the drop out. I know I can often jump in to fill a spot at the last minute and some other of our retirees might also be able to keep the swap complete.
6. As SM you have responsibilities just as those participating in your swap do. It would be great if everyone makes deadline but not always going to happen. It is one of your responsibilities to keep an updated list on front page of flies as they arrive. When last flies arrive it is yours to turn around promptly and get flies back on their way. In no case should this be more than a week from last arrival to return mailing.