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Making the best of rain

14 June 2019 - 05:22 PM

Some action shots from today. Made the best of all this rain and took the brushless King Sling Rc monster truck I built out for a bit of bashing/mudding.




Couple days fishing

12 June 2019 - 11:11 AM

Well the planned trip I was looking forward too is somewhat of a bust. As luck would have it it started raining the morning we got up there and it rained for about 12hrs straight pretty much making the trout water sections of the river unwadable. So I decided that I would just come home this morning with my buddy and post pone my 10 day alone on the river trip till sometime next month. While it sucks that I had to postpone that, I guess you have to make the best of it and now I can look forward to that trip for another month until it happens.

We did make the best of the 2 days we were there at least. We decided to head about 35 miles down river to where the flow was more steady. No trout in that section since its warm water fishing, but we did get into a bunch of 12-14" smallmouth, some small pike, and a couple of pretty decent walleye all while stripping streamers on the spey rods which was fun.


10' 3wt 4pc

05 June 2019 - 03:14 PM


Latest 10' 3wt rod off the bench today. This one in the customers college colors. I never would have thought purple on a green blank would have looked this nice but it actually works together really nicely with the gold trim.

Finally got the garden in shape

04 June 2019 - 10:01 AM

Well this year it took a lot longer than normal. Usually I have the backyard bonsai garden all cleaned up and in shape by late April, but with my Sister spending two months in ICU and then passing 3 weeks ago, things this spring were just so out of sorts I had not had a chance to get to doing the work. Then with what seemed like rain every day for the past 3 weeks that didn't help either. Finally got some nice weather now and got out and started working on the garden Friday. Took about 3 days worth of work, pulling tons of weeds and getting everything back i shape, but it's finally back to how I like it and can enjoy it again for the summer.



Smoking deal for you guys

03 June 2019 - 09:31 AM



10' 3wt 4pc IM7 graphite. Custom burl grip and butt, burl wood seat, royal blue main wraps and metallic ice blue trim. Normally I get $175 for these rods, sometimes I offer them for $135 on sale. Have this one for $135 on FB and other groups right now. But I have a big fishing trip coming up in about a week so want to get this one sold before then to help cover costs. SOOOOO here's what I'm gonna do. Gonna offer this to you guys here on FTF for $100. If that's not a smoking deal I don't know what is smile.png I will guarantee you won't find a nicer rod for even twice that price.