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Washington Flies

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#1 FlatsRoamer


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Posted 08 August 2016 - 03:21 PM

Hi guys, I never post here in this section, so let me mini introduce myself. I am 14, live in South Florida, and am a die hard salty angler. Got into tying around March, and fly fishing around last summer.


So now for the interesting part...


My uncle who lives in Washington state wants to learn how to fly fish and tie (thank me). I am starting him off on size 2 (Tiemco 7999) bunny leeches and popsicle flies. Would that be a good start for steelhead? Eventually we are going to work our way to the tiny dries like a Parachute Adams, but for now we are going to take it nice and easy, starting with big hooks, learning basic techniques, then eventually tie new patterns. So for now, I would like to have him tie those flies, but he only bought a 50 pack of hooks. Somebody PLEASE recommend a still good but much less expensive hook. He will be primarily fishing the Lewis, Little Kalama, McKenzie, and the Willamette. So what flies should he have and for what species and what seasons etc etc. He wants to catch every species, not only just 100% target steelhead. In those rivers I beleive there are Coho, Chinook, Rainbows, Steelhead and Brown Trout (Please correct me).


So what I am asking is for some simple but effective streamers for the species listed above, and somewhere in the size 2-8 range for now.



Thank you if you are kind and generous enough to respond. If any of you guys make to to Florida, let me know :)




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#2 utyer


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Posted 08 August 2016 - 10:08 PM

First of all the brindle bug comes to mind.  Very simple to tie, and it uses inexpensive materials.  The Brindle Bug is a hackle only fly, and there are quite a few others.There are more than a few Palmer hackle patterns that should work fine.  As for hooks, the Mustad SL 73UBLN is only 8.88 to 10.13 right now at Hook and Hackle.  That is for 25 hooks.  They also have them in 50 packs for between 14, and 15 dollars.  


Tell your Uncle to get a copy of Steelhead Fly fishing and Flies by Trey Combs.  Dozens and Dozens of patterns for Steelhead and many of those would also work for Salmon.  This book may be out of print, so if he can't find it, I would sell him my copy.  


I just checked my inventory, and I do have about 250 Mustad 36890 in sizes 2 to 2/0.  If it helps your uncle out, I will sell those for 15.00 per hundred.  Or 20 cents apiece plus postage.  

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#3 Piker20


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Posted 09 August 2016 - 12:18 AM

A good fly for beginners that's going to catch Salmon, trout and anything else is a black Pennell. You can also tweak the colours if you want but the skill in making the tail correct length, choice of hackle, ribbing all good skills to pick up.
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