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Mike West

Member Since 20 May 2015
Offline Last Active Today, 05:31 AM

Topics I've Started

Warm Water “Top to Bottom” Swap

14 April 2018 - 11:38 AM

Looks like enough interest so far so Ill host an other one seeing how the last one went so well.

The Criteria/ Rules are:
4 Top Water Flies
4 Streamer/Baitfish Flies
4 Bottom Bouncing Flies

All geared towards Warm Water Species or Inshore Salt Water.

The only pattern restrictions are no:
Woolley Buggers
Simple Foam Spiders...other foam patterns are fine.

No size restrictions...but I would suggest you make it User Friendly in that you tie some that can be cast on panfish sized rods and some that can be cast on bass sized rods, but thats up to you.

Once again really vauge open swap. Show us your best stuff that you like fishing.

Standard swap rules apply, Go read them if you dont know them.

Please do not make me stand in line at the post office by Including money or paying me by PayPal for your shipping.

Your package should be like this:

Heres the deal
Everyone will tie 12 flies and put them in some kind of box that I can forward on to the next guy with your Screen Handle on that box!!!!

No need to toe tag flies on this swap.

Unless you include extra flies for everybody that you want me to distribute to each participant, then those flies need a toe tag so they know where they came from.

I will throw all the names in a hat, draw a name and youll get that participants 12 Flies.

I need at least 10 to do this and I listed 12 but its open to as many who want to join in.

Cut off join date is: 4-30
Due date to me is 5-31

And once again Ill be including some Poppers in the Raw and some tying materials.
Ill also do a bonus fly drawing again sometime during the swap.

Looking forward to it.
Thank you

1. Rich Mc
2. Fshng2
3. Old Hat
3. CaloosaBug
4. Zip
5. Vicente
6. Flytier
7. Crackleback
8. Mainard
9. Ekucolonel17
10. Vicrider
11. Dubs
12. Hazathor
13. MuskyFlyGuy

April Fools Warm Water Swap...

24 February 2018 - 04:39 PM

Standard swap rules apply,go read them if you dont know them.

The criteria is If you were going to your favorite warm water fishing hole and you were only allowed two fly rods and one fly box of 12 flies and your two fly rods were a 3-6wt & a 7-9wt and you didnt know what youre going to catch that day ..it could be Bream,Crappie,SM/LG Bass,Sandbass or Strippers or all of them what would those 12 flies be?

The rules are really vauge & open.
Basically tie 2-3 of your favorite fly for each species you fish for.

The only No No is I dont want to see someone enter Id fish a Wooly Bugger in 3 different sizes for all spieces in 3 diiferent colors or a foam fly as such.

To avoid the confusion & questions, You should tie at least six flies that can be cast on a 3-6 wt and 6 flies that would normally be cast on a 7-9wt.

I will tie my dozen plus an other dozen, so you will all get at least 2 flys apiece from me and I will probably throw in 1 Popper in The Raw (meaning painted ready to go you finish the tail)per participant.

I will throw all the names in a hat,draw a name and youll get that participants 12 Flys.
Packages are due to me by 4/6/18
I have to get at least 10 to do this. Entry cutt off is 3/2/18.

1. Zip...received 3/20...Vincent
2. Vicente...received 3/21..Rick Zieger
3. Rich Mc...received 3/29...Old Hat
4. Ekucolonel17....received 3/30...MuskyFlyGuy
5. Vicrider...received 3/19...MikeWest
6. MuskyFlyGuy.....received 3/14...Rich mc
7. Hazathor....received 4/6...Vic Rider
8. Fshng2...received 3/29....Ekucolonel17
9. Rick Zieger....received 3/9....Zip
10. Old Hat....received 3/30.....Fishng2
11. Mike West...Hazathor

OMG over engineered or what!

24 February 2018 - 03:41 PM

This is the Rube Goldberg of razor blade benders.
This is right up there with $100+ nippers.

I bought this for like $10. I dont use it much but it does preform some applications very well... found this product here in a post but I dont know where the website is now or the post.

Email notifications

09 January 2018 - 07:31 PM

Ever since the site went down a while back for a couple days Ive be getting multiple email notifications for the same thread Ive read.

Ill get them during the daytime I go and read the thread delete the email and then in the morning Ill get the same notification again but the thread has not been updated...Sometimes Ill get the notification two three times over the next few days and nothing is new in the thread

I just came home tonight to 66 emails from this site and everyone of them is old and been read.

Anyone else having this problem?

Plus my apostrophes dont work anymore either.

It’s Popper Time again

09 December 2017 - 01:01 PM

I dont even need anymore of these but I just love doing it.

I have some new ideas for paint jobs this time and I really want to try to duplicate what the Stippled Popperdoes after his SBS post on how he goes about getting the effect and look he gets.

Ive tried it before but with less than satisfactory results.
I dont think most people realize how talented he is until they try to put some simple dots on a popper and make it look like his.

These are pre shaped factory foam,hand shape foam, balsa wood & cork. Glued on, filled, sanded with two white base coats and one clear topcoat.

Now I will paint all the bellies with pearl and then its time to get the airbrush out.

Ill keep the thread updated as I progress slowly .