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Mike West

Member Since 20 May 2015
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Email notifications

09 January 2018 - 07:31 PM

Ever since the site went down a while back for a couple days Ive be getting multiple email notifications for the same thread Ive read.

Ill get them during the daytime I go and read the thread delete the email and then in the morning Ill get the same notification again but the thread has not been updated...Sometimes Ill get the notification two three times over the next few days and nothing is new in the thread

I just came home tonight to 66 emails from this site and everyone of them is old and been read.

Anyone else having this problem?

Plus my apostrophes dont work anymore either.

Itís Popper Time again

09 December 2017 - 01:01 PM

I dont even need anymore of these but I just love doing it.

I have some new ideas for paint jobs this time and I really want to try to duplicate what the Stippled Popperdoes after his SBS post on how he goes about getting the effect and look he gets.

Ive tried it before but with less than satisfactory results.
I dont think most people realize how talented he is until they try to put some simple dots on a popper and make it look like his.

These are pre shaped factory foam,hand shape foam, balsa wood & cork. Glued on, filled, sanded with two white base coats and one clear topcoat.

Now I will paint all the bellies with pearl and then its time to get the airbrush out.

Ill keep the thread updated as I progress slowly .






My Private Lake fishing report...!!!

04 November 2017 - 11:31 AM

So my brother who I havent seen in about 7-8years comes out to go Bass fishing with me in Texas for his birthday on a private lake Ive been trying to get on for close to two years...

I use to belong to a private bass club and Ive shown him fantastic bass fishing here at least twice But the last three times it sucked due to weather.... two weeks prior to his arrival the weather was beautiful and the guys that got me on the pond were out there nailing 20-60 bass a day between 2 and 7 pounds.

My brother shows up and a cold front moves in,the temperatures drop 20-25° and the wind starts blowing 15 to 20 miles an hour....We only have one day to fish and that day the wind was blowing so bad we couldnt put the boat in the water(Nucanoe)

I talk him into changing his flight and staying one more day because the weather is supposed to improve.
We get there and the wind is blowing about 5 miles an hr and the lake looks fishable as far as fishing out of a Kayak/Canoe.

We get the boat in the water and immediately I noticed the boat is unstable(two fat asses and gear)
It has a 500 pound limit and normally it is very stable and I get up walk around it and all day with no issues. With both of us in it and it and all our gear its a different story.

With fish about a mile of the bank north of the truck and then I decide to go across the lake where my buddy told me to go fish....Halfway across the lake/pond the wind picked up 15-20 miles an hour with whitecaps coming over the sidewalls of the boat..... Time to get off the lake ASAP!. A big wave hits us and rocks the boat,my brother freaks out and instead of staying centered he leans and tries to compensate for it...You guessed it we flipped over.

I broke a $500 fly rod ,lost a brand new bait casting rod and reel,new spinning rod and reel I bought for him ,my trolling motor battery and my trolling motor and a $65 chair..: Plus my iPhone 7 thats supposed to be waterproof survived that day but took a crap the next day and cost me $200 to replace with insurance.

We had to walk the boat 1 mile back to the truck in water about waist deep and it was about 45° outside with 15-20 mph winds,we both almost got hypothermia. Luckily where we fliped boat we were about 50 yards from the bank and were able to stand up in chest deep water. Not sure how it wouldve turned out if we flipped in over our heads.

He wont be coming back to Texas anytime soon...😜

Now hes planning a trip for me to come out there and visit him to go fish lake Pyramid in NV.

Nice knowing you guys...Iím a dead man!!!

21 October 2017 - 12:13 PM

I just spilled a quarter bottle of crazy glue on a $4000 leather couch and onto to a bamboo hardwood floor.

This was an hour after the boss left and told me dont be trying in here because you make messes. My reply was OK Honey

I got the floor cleaned up but the couch is a different story.
I have 6-8 hours to fix this problem or Im dead.

Any ideas?

WTB used Bass Bug/ SW Type of lines 8-9 wt

16 October 2017 - 07:55 PM

I had a little emergency pop up and I need to deck out two rods by the 28th.

Looking for a 8 and a 9 wt line in a Bass Bug,Tarpon or Redfish taper.