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In Topic: Hello, glad to be back.

Today, 09:07 AM

Welcome to the site.  There's a few members who tie billed lures/flies.  You'll get some good information here.

In Topic: Using Jig Hooks

Yesterday, 07:08 PM

Oh yeah!  Seeing Rich's name reminded me of a very good pattern for jig hooks.

Craig Riendeau's "Wee Willie Wiggler".



In Topic: Love my local taxidermist

Yesterday, 03:38 PM

laugh.png I'm sure, just for a split second, she thought, "A fur coat for me !!!"


Then she saw it was too small for that. dry.png

In Topic: Using Jig Hooks

Yesterday, 03:36 PM

My favorite ... actually, my only patterns I tie on jig hooks are crayfish (crawdad, mudbugs, etc.).  I don't do them often, because they don't produce any better than my "goto" fly, which doesn't use a jig hook.


But jig hooks excel at keeping the hook point up ... so bottom bouncing/hugging patterns are great on them.

In Topic: emu

Yesterday, 11:30 AM

I have some Emu ... from a feather duster I bought at Bed-Bath-and-Beyond.


The only material tied on a size 12 hook, it makes for a neat, little, buggy looking ... thing.


I think I have pictures on my home computer ... I'll check when I get there.