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GLX update

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#1 Shoe


    Bellied up to a Sand Bar

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Posted 05 March 2005 - 09:37 AM

As some of you might remember, I was wrapped up in a product line-up change when using the Xpeditor service. To give a brief history, my old GLX 6wt 4pc lost the ceramic in the stripping guide, but do to time restraints I didn't have time to get it fixed and opted for the speedy turnaround of the Xpeditor. Great service, but somewhat costly. They'll send you a rod (overnight/next day) and once it arrives you place the damaged rod in the tube and send it on its way in the pre-paid tube.

Cool stuff, BUT...

Once the rod arrived, I noticed they changed the old GLX to their new Streamdance GLX. What a gorgeous piece of work, but they had changed the action to a somewhat more "beginner" friendly taper. Let's just say it's cool for dries, streamers and nymphs, but won't cast the full sinkers and tips that I had purchased it for. A few unanswered emails and I gave up on it until yesterday. I called the CS Dept and ended up talking to a guy that heads their technical staff. I explained the situation and he agreed that they softened the blanks and rendered it useless for any sinktips past a 130 grain. I throw class 4's and a 200 tip. I even told him that the boys laughed and told me that I casted like a little school girl...LOL

Long story short... laugh.gif They are replacing this rod with their saltwater version which has the faster action. They are also introducing another line with the more traditional taper that GLX was known for, but that won't be available until September.

I know where they live, I know what they eat. Now it's time to fool them with thread, feathers and roadkill.

#2 Pujic


    Browns? Where?

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Posted 05 March 2005 - 10:04 AM

Hey Ralph,

I know exactly what you mean about the new GLXs. If you look on their site, it says that the GLX Cross Current series is the saltwater counterpart to the GLX Streamdance. These rods have been available for about a year now (even more I think). I have one of the 4pc 8wts and love it. They have a very powerful taper. I think they offer it in a 6wt as well. dunno.gif Just a suggestion, it may be worth a look.


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#3 Shoe


    Bellied up to a Sand Bar

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Posted 05 March 2005 - 10:29 AM


That's the one they're sending. smile.gif The only thing I don't like is the fighting butt. Who knows, I might get to use it. laugh.gif
I know where they live, I know what they eat. Now it's time to fool them with thread, feathers and roadkill.

#4 Dornug


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Posted 06 March 2005 - 11:30 AM

Glad to hear it. I can now put away the fencing helmet and knights armor. ph34r.gif Especially now that I got rid of my full sinker on that cheap rod. I damaged myself quite a bit.

I had similar results with my Superfine 2wt. As many probably remember I went to the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo with the intent of getting a 7'9 Superfine 2wt as I was happy with Shoe's. I got there and was talked into a 6'6 for creeks. I casted the thing inside at 40' and was very happy. I later learned I casted that far because there were no fans on in the building. wallbash.gif

Every trip with that thing this year had the line flying back at me. I had to lay the fly on the water and let it drift down below the boat to really use it.

I found my receipt from who I bought it from and called them. They said they never like to hear that someone is dissatisfied with one of their rods. He said he will bring a 7'9 rod to the show and exchange it with me. Great service after a year. I also told him to bring a couple of reels since I'm in the market. wink.gif
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