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Member Since 04 Aug 2018
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In Topic: Best epoxy to use for saltwater flies

Yesterday, 09:02 AM

There was a study I read (sorry, don't remember where), that showed that Liquid Fusion actually out lasted epoxy on freshwater poppers. I don't know about toothy critters or Salt.

In Topic: Show your bench

Yesterday, 08:54 AM

THIS is what a tying area should look like.

That looks alot like mine!

In Topic: Brookie Flies

Yesterday, 08:51 AM

Interesting that several of these posts include the color red. I know red is a big deal fishing for Bream, too. To me, Brookes are a lot like Bream, at times. One day I want to go Labrador to fish for the big uns.

In Topic: triggers, or match the hatch?

Yesterday, 08:36 AM

I tie imitations mostly. There's something about tricking a fish with a nice fake.
I wonder if the triggers aren't an imitation of something, a color or an action that means something or maybe fish just like shiny things like birds and women do.

Having had a couple wives, three daughters and work with 40 women, I have to agree. Lol

In Topic: Fly tying pioneers

Yesterday, 08:34 AM

Yes. Dave McPhail has some amazing videos. Superb

Terry and Roxanne Wilson,

Hidey, Leisinring, Bosworth (Coachman), Wilson (Professor), Skues

I have to say that Sawyer, Bosworth, Blessing, Halladay, Gapen, Wilson, Gartside, Kreh, Peckinpaugh, and Clouser have influenced me the most. I use their flies all the time.