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Capt Bob LeMay

Member Since 24 Jan 2011
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In Topic: Right Hand or Left Hand?

19 July 2019 - 09:53 AM

Mike, you're right - it is a preference... You should see some the battles on saltwater sites over this piece of trivia...  Y'all here are downright civilized by comparison.... I like it !

In Topic: Right Hand or Left Hand?

19 July 2019 - 06:19 AM

This topic has been around for years and years.. In the salt, years ago, most of us went with the maxim that you wound your reel with your strong hand since you might just need all the help you can get with a big strong fish that cleans off one or two hundred yards of line then does an about face and comes screaming back towards you - on that first run... and fly reels are not exactly quick to retrieve line... When it came to teaching beginners I found myself preaching that line - and always pointed out that if I handed you a new reel and a big spool of backing... "which hand do you want to fill that reel with?"....


Over the years, with more and more anglers showing up fully accustomed to winding with their weak hand... I had to admit that handing them a reel that had the handle where they weren't used to using it... wasn't a great benefit at all.   I was finally able to solve that minor problem a year or two ago when I realized that I actually did have two reels for every size rod that I keep on hand (7wt up to a 12wt..) one that wound left handed another that wound right handed... So....


One of the questions I ask a client is... what hand do you wind with  - and that's how I set up my rods when I know in advance that I'm fishing fly that booking (guys like me consider fly fishing as just one more way to go about things... if I only fished fly anglers.... I'd starve...).  Not something I'm supposed to say on a fly forum, but truthful...


My best guess is that anglers will still be arguing about this question long after I'm gone.

In Topic: July Flies From the Bench

19 July 2019 - 05:56 AM

That pink and white will work all day long... bet it suspends between strips and shallow fish in the backcountry of the Everglades like that sort of movement...

In Topic: How do I fix my 8 wt rod?

18 July 2019 - 05:54 AM

I know other crafters that do that... supposedly it's to lessen the chance of the line you're shooting (on a big double haul...) fouling on that first guide as you're standing in the surf reaching out (and using more body english than a pretty girl -her first time at a bowling alley....).


I get some of those northern fly anglers from time to time and getting one that fishes albies to make a cast on my skiff without any body motion takes some work...  and if you rock the boat on your cast in nice shallow "tailing waters" the fish react noticeably....  


I don't mess with high end rods any more (Sage cured me... don't ask...) but do see quite a few really nice rods that my anglers bring aboard.  Be pretty hard to beat a Thomas & Thomas rod from what I've seen for pure function in the salt...

In Topic: How do I fix my 8 wt rod?

17 July 2019 - 06:00 PM

Ran into something a year ago that surprised me... After years of hard service my 12wt Thomas & Thomas  had a broken tip end (about 10 inches from the top - and it was my fault entirely...).  To complicate things it was part of a matched pair a 10 and a 12 wt that I built myself with Powell reelseats and a few tricks I've learned over the years... so I've got some time and experience invested... The Horizon model blank is long discontinued - so imagine my surprise when the folks at T& T said - no problem, just send us the bottom 10 inches of the tip section (two piece rods...) and we'll make what you need - for less than $70... and ship it to you... 


Can't say enough good things about this kind of service - and can't name any other premium outfit with service to match... They get an attaboy from this corner...