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Fred...the storage king

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#1 Hot Tuna

Hot Tuna

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Posted 22 July 2006 - 10:41 AM

During Fred's travel across the country I was lucky enough to see his fishing mobile( the Itasca camper you've all read about other places in here) I wanted to specifically highlight the way Fred stores some his tying materials. He uses one of those clear good sized storage containers with covers and then sets up a file folder system in it that is alphabetized. This container holds a ton of materials and is good for necks bucktails, feathers. Anything that can be stored flat works in this...it holds a ton of material. In some ways it's like the giant cousin of the binder system I posted a while back for necks and saddles. I'm sure Fred might be willing to post a picture of his...so Fred, if you read this post away!
Hot Tuna

#2 Sturgeon_Catcher


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Posted 25 July 2006 - 12:44 PM

When I bought the motor home the old fellow asked of my plans. Told him I was going fishing. He asked "was I traveling alone?" yes, I was. "Was me, I would take out both seats and make shelves all the way to the ceiling."

I knew I wanted to bring all of my fly tying material. Every bit of it!! The only thing I didn't bring was a raven that I had recently tanned. The wife put it in a plastic bag then a box to protect it and though I looked - could not find it. Wanted to give some feathers from this bird to Whippersnapper Hey Whippersnapper..... so he could try them. Darn didn't have it!!

The first shelf got a little additional rearranging.
The top shelf was for the electric coffee maker and dish washing tubs that made a wonderful catch all.
The Second shelf is a plastic 3 drawer chest of drawers..
The next got the microwave and the power inverter mounted outside this position on the side wall.
The bottom shelf stayed as is with the dishes and pots and pans.
IPB Image

The second shelf system would get rearranged somewhat.
Right side:
There are 8 storage boxes in second and third shelf areas. Plastic bags, towels,fruit,coffee,pole sheath-mosq, dry goods condiments, and dish shoap.
The top shelf holds the power amp and a container for my drugs (B12 and folic acid).The third shelf contains all materials of a body nature to salt water and streamer flies. Individual containers within as body materials, eyes, beads, etc.
The bottom shelf contains again in indivudual containers. Hooks (freshwater), tools, threads, tinsels and such, flosses and yarns, etc.
IPB Image
Top shelf left side.
New purchase tub. All nature of materials for dry and freshwater flies. Alphabetized and in zip loc bags.
Second shelf from top is Primarily hooks in smaller sizes (about 3k), salt water hooks (about 500 in various sizes), Foams, and irridescent eye making material. Storage for 9 full size multi colored fox tails for streamers and salt water flies.
Third shelf contains superfluous material but primarily for spin casting gear, 3 Mitchell 300', Shimano Bait Caster 4500T, Shimano bait casting Trinidad Tn 50, Daiwa 450H,tackle rigs, floats, etc.
The bottom shelf contains what I call historical. All of the material I have gathered over the years. The boxes are about to burst and must sub-directory filing system at this point to return to 4 drawer filing chests.

I waited for almost two months for the welder and gave up. Borrowed a welder from the fellow who bought my property and built them myself. Took awhile. I finished two days before I left. The shelves were the primary controlling factor as to my date of departure. 3/4" angle and 1 1/8" flat stock as retainers. Bunji cords hold additional containers on the front of each shelf. I set the container verticlly and wrap the bunji. Lots of room!!

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#3 madkasel


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Posted 25 July 2006 - 02:06 PM

I saw it, too, and it was a heckuva setup.

Fred encouraged me early on to store my materials in plastic bins, alphabetized in manilla file folders.

I got a bunch of hanging files for free, so did him one better by buying plastic bins specifically designed for hanging files... one for feathers and one for furs. Everything sits in there nice and high and it's just awesome.... I can find whatever I need, very quickly and simply.

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