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#1 sulfernut


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Posted 04 May 2007 - 08:34 AM

I remember hearing (can't remember where!) that there is a potential problem,when attaching gel-spun backing to a flyline,due to the backing possibly cutting through the flyline,depending on what knot is used. Anyone else ever hear of this?? If so,does anyone have any recommendations on a good/safe knot to use? I have done some Googling around,and haven't come up with very much!!

Many Thanks!!


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#2 Joe Hard

Joe Hard

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Posted 04 May 2007 - 09:12 AM

I use it and attach with a nail knot, seems to work fine
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#3 Fly_guy_stu


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Posted 04 May 2007 - 11:14 AM

I'm guessing that the problem is the GSP backing is cutting through the plastic coating? If this is the case... why not strip the plastic coating off the end and attatch the exsposed core to the backing with a water knot? Or you could try attatching a leader loop to the back end and attaching it to that? I've never had to consider how i'd hanlde that situation but that probably where I'd start ?!?!? dunno.gif

Good luck,


#4 BigBugger


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Posted 29 May 2007 - 08:54 AM

Look up the improved albright knot or double nail knot (I think that's what it's called. It's just another nail knot an inch further up the line from the first. I find the double nail knot a pain, but I know guys who use it.