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127 replies to this topic

Poll: What fly do you use the most?

What fly do you use the most?

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#16 RoyChristie


    Advanced Member

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Posted 01 September 2004 - 07:57 PM

For Trout
Cranky cripple emergers & avon specials, Dries EsayPeasyUSD and flat spent spinner and nymphs by Skues and north country spiders and bugs, CDC& Elk and anything big & buggy and tiny midge and dries from a good friend, Hove in South Wales

as above but lose the wings on the dry USD, the Grayling come up fast from below and dont need a wing Heavy shrimpstiny dry USD mayflies Iron blue and Large Darks & BWO Big dries and emergers even - like #12

Stingers and wets & muddlers for seatrout

and for Salmon - shrimps collies and hairwings and CDC spey flies and even a few featherwings and hairy prawns
Is that it
I'll go & have a look

#17 Marty


    Advanced Member

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Posted 03 September 2004 - 07:31 AM

I actually fish wets ( soft hackles) 90% of the time.
Anybody know what category they fit in?

#18 JarrodRuggles


    Banned from fishing in 48 states~!

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Posted 04 September 2004 - 09:25 AM

Go ahead and put it with nymphs......sory forgot the soft hacle category.

banned from fishing the other 2 states...

#19 B.C.TroutHunter


    Tinky Winky

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Posted 21 September 2004 - 10:29 AM

I do anything that is my own. I usualy take the first day of a fishing trip to turn oevr rocks and collect sample, of which I tie 20 patterns in an attempt to imitate them, and then I go fish the next day and come back home empty handed (new to fly fishing, and I cannot keep the same fly on my line for longer than 5 min, always have to try something new laugh.gif )

#20 Kingfisher


    It's better to have a rod and not need it than need a rod and not have it

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Posted 21 September 2004 - 10:53 AM

Freshwater - Terrestrials
Saltwater - Hairwing baitfish patterns
Marine Scientist
NYC, Jersey Shore, Eastern PA, occasionally Downeast Maine

Big fish don't get big by being stupid.

#21 Fatman


    Advanced Member

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Posted 21 September 2004 - 07:09 PM

With the trout in Vermont and being it was the first fly I learned to tie with any accuracy I love the Adams size 12-14.

I can use it many ways and still catch fish.

Just Fishing! All life is that to some extent. If we are not fishing for one thing it is another. But angling! That's just a bit different. In it we find peace and contentment and much with which to occupy our minds. May the balance of our fishing days be blessed with congenial comrades and "tight lines." Ray Bergman

#22 NMflyguy


    Advanced Member

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Posted 22 September 2004 - 06:29 PM

Hmm, I use dries alot when i get to the streams around here. most notably size 10-16 stimulators in the standard color is my favorite. but i use lots of different dries depending on my mood. lol


#23 Uncle Buck

Uncle Buck


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Posted 23 September 2004 - 02:34 PM

I almost always find myself going back to an olive soft hackle sz 16-20. Sometimes I will drop a midge off of it as well.


#24 jlearsi67



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Posted 23 September 2004 - 06:48 PM

Whatever's working - and that's usually CLOUSERS!!!!!!!!

#25 Black Ghost

Black Ghost

    Advanced Member

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Posted 02 October 2004 - 06:31 PM

Nymphs 80% of the time for trout, salmon, steelhead

Other 20% would be egg flys, speys, and streamers.


#26 skeet3t


    Advanced Member

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Posted 02 October 2004 - 07:11 PM

I fish a brown hackle peacock a great deal of the time. Also I use its cousin, grey hackle peacock. These are my favorites but am experimenting with some home-made patterns. Will let you know what I come up with here. The renegade was featured in a flyfishing magazine a few years ago (not going through about 100 magazines) and they showed the fly tied with, starting at the bend- hackle, black chenille, hackle, chenille of a different/contrasing color, and hackle. The hackle I use is brown and the front color I have used is pink, yellow, or olive. Hook size can be anything; I use size 6 to 10. Dry fly- Adams without the wings; just tail, dubbed body, three wraps of hackle.

John Torchick

So much water, so little time!
Enjoying the Creation, Praising the Creator!

#27 GlobalFisher


    Theres somethin' women like about a pick-up man

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Posted 13 October 2004 - 02:56 PM

I am more of a nymph guy then anything. I use nymphs about 70% of the time and use dries the other 30% unless I am salmon/steelhead fishing.

#28 Joe Hard

Joe Hard

    Will Work For Bolgna

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Posted 20 May 2005 - 04:46 PM

I fish streamers mainly. I develop my own patterns and am always tewaking them to show the fish something new.
My Webpage - http://joehardflytying.4t.com/ (WARNING LOTS OF POP UPS)

This fella will be pleased with your work, if not hes damn nuts, and should be beat with a stick!! fly time

"All it takes is one fool to be standing arround doing something, for a bunch of other fools to join in"......a quote from an old Newfoundlander I met fishing in the pooring rain

#29 lewy271


    Advanced Member

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Posted 20 May 2005 - 05:07 PM

I'm assuming Deerhair poppers are terrestrials. I will fish them all day long and am productive most of the time with them. This year I'm actually forcing myself to fish subsurface flies...Actually, last weekend was the first time I've ever caught a fish on a clouser! It was fun! Still my vote which I screw up voting null to see the choices is for "POPPERS"

#30 Michigan Trout Guy

Michigan Trout Guy

    Young man there's no need to feel down, I said young man, so your new in this town, I said young man...It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A

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Posted 20 May 2005 - 08:41 PM

I almost always swing nymphs. This is my first season ever fly fishing, so for me quantity is the ticket.
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-Bill Hicks (Thanks whippersnapper ;)