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In Topic: Fly tiers in the United States

Today, 08:24 AM

Perhaps the folks at Fly Tyer magazine can provide a fairly accurate guesstimate. [email protected]  


send them an email and ask the question

In Topic: Using Jig Hooks

Today, 07:18 AM


In Topic: April Flies from the Vise

Today, 06:53 AM

lightning bug




leadwing coachman



In Topic: Fly tiers in the United States

Today, 06:06 AM


I only wrap away from me never towards never both



I find my flies hold up better if I wrap away from me and then towards me if the bobbin is above the fly, but just the opposite if I start with the bobbin below the fly.




Sometimes I switch up and do figure of eight turns around the wings or barbell eyes to really confuse things.



Okay whatever you win. fight with somebody else



In Topic: Fly tiers in the United States

Today, 06:04 AM

I have a question for flytire. Does Sasquatch hair make good dubbing?


very good dubbing and he'll eat that bird on your shoulder as a snack