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2 questions for using 3 weight line

11 January 2019 - 11:41 AM

Good morning.  I have two questions for those with experience using 3 weight lines.  I have been getting into fishing smaller steams a lot more last season and would like to continue on with a 3 weight line for lighter presentation.  The following questions will be under the circumstances of casting never more than 20 feet with either a dry fly or an unweight wet fly with leader between 6 1/2' to 9' long tapered to 4x or 5x.


#1  What is the largest fly that casts satisfactory at 20' in both standard dry and wet flies (weighted on perhaps a 2xheavy wire)?  I like fishing these streams with flies from size 12 to 18.


#2 I'm seriously considering using a 2 weight rod with the line.  What are your thoughts on this since the distance of casting is generally much shorter than 30'?  my favorite set up for lakes and larger streams is using a 4.5 weight line on a 6 weight rod.  I can really zing the line out there, so the opposite should be true for short casting using a lighter weight with the line.


I really like the way the 4.5 weight line hits the water and want to try the suggested set up for smaller streams.  This would be a specific set up used only for short casting streams using cast such as the standard forward cast, occasional roll cast, flick casts (for sneaking up to the streams edge), and the bow cast.  I don't use the roll cast very often in these places.


Thank you,