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Adirondack rustic style bench progress report

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#1 Hardyrod1974


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Posted 18 February 2019 - 03:22 PM

This is a progress report on my fly tying bench. It is being done in the Adirondack rustic style.


The 4x4 legs are temporary and will be replaced by Yellow Birch logs after they season properly. I stood one up in front of the bench for the picture.


The "live edge" bench top is 2 1/8" White Pine, cut 40 years ago. The shelf above it is also White Pine. The other shelves and back board are Birch plywood. The vertical supports holding the first shelf are the ends from the slab the shelf was cut from.


One picture shows some segments from a Yellow Birch sapling clamped to the backboard. This is to give you some idea of how the backboard will be framed. After the pieces are attached, the plywood to the outside of the saplings will be cut away.


A lot of rustic furniture is designed as you go along. You get just so far, then you consider the options available for the next stage.

Another picture shows an oval metal frame with a thick piece of beveled glass (from an old car??) This might be installed where I set it and the birch saplings will butt up to it or maybe I will add a small piece of plywood at the top and let the sapling frame go over it. Maybe I'll not use it. Time will tell. I'll look for a picture of a Smallmouth bass, trout or salmon that fits nicely behind it. My wife might paint a fish on the back side, or ????


The two sets of drawers came from old sewing machines. The set on the left are from a Remington sewing machine made just after the Civil war. They made lots of stuff when the gun business fell off. The pulls are marked "the Remington", that was the model.


The final stage will include a lot of trim work using small sticks, birch bark and maybe some small pine cones split lengthwise and who knows what else. Some of the upper shelf supports may have some pockets carved in them and some classic wet flies set in them. I may do a similar thing on the bench top and fill the pockets with some clear 2 part epoxy.


Updates to follow.



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#2 Poopdeck


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Posted 18 February 2019 - 06:37 PM

Nice! I like what I call rustic modern. I have a love affair with green and rustic hand tooled wood. Two of my favorite tools are my shaving horse and pole lathe. I Love the live edge, the old boxes, inset flies and the metal beveled glass thing. Not wild about the plywood or the shelfs and supports without a live edge or the sticks and pine cone ideas. I assume you will be peeling the bark from the legs and other pieces. But!!!!!!! It's your vision and your bench so I'm sure it will be everything you want out of a bench. Some barn wood or even pallet wood would look great in place of the ply.

Great job so far. Cant wait to see the progression of your vision.