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Tie your Own leaders?

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Poll: How many of you out there tie your own leaders? What is your favorite recipie

How many of you out there tie your own leaders? What is your favorite recipie

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#106 mikechell



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Posted 24 July 2018 - 06:06 AM

I am like Utyer ... not really ... since I only have two "sections" to my system.  14# test for 6 to 10 feet (depending on the rod) and then a tippet of 10# or 6# mono.  Works on every fresh water fish I've caught so far !!!


Before that, I used to just tie on 10 feet or so of 10# test mono, from the fly line to the fly.  Only problem I ever had with that was with air knots.  Changing to the 14/10 cured most of those.

Barbed hooks rule!
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#107 Dave G.

Dave G.

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Posted 27 July 2018 - 06:57 PM

Last year in Maine fishing for land locked salmon was the first time fishing for them that I just went with a three piece leader to include the tippet.. The tippet was 8lb Maxima Chameleon , same stuff we use for trolling for them.  But it turned over fine with Gray Ghost tube flies on there. Caught some nice fish, no worries of breaking off. It would be a different configuration in a caddis hatch but no caddis on that trip in Sept, not in that run anyway.


For bass I do about the same as Mike, two piece leader. I have a tag of old leader butt section that forms a connection loop off the line ( some of my lines have no factory loop on them) and to that I loop my hand tied leader, what ever configuration I'm using . For bass it's just two pieces ( 17lb mono and either 12 or 8 lb tip end and that loop on the line is probably about 30lb since that's what I have here if to make my own).. It's fairly short though, no problem turning over foam or deer hair poppers. Maybe I said this already a few pages back, if so ignore.

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