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Well I知 stoked/pumped up!!!

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#16 Mike West

Mike West

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Posted 03 September 2018 - 01:24 PM

Ok it didnt go as well as planned...never does right?
The guy that got us on this private tank graduated with my brother and Ive known him for over 40+ years
He failed to tell us that about two years the damn broke the lake drained and just about killed everything.

They replanted with rainbows and browns... last time I was there nothing but rainbows. Crazy arial rainbows.
I was so excited to show you guys nothing but pictures of 4-8 pound rainbows...didnt happen.

We pull up to the lake first day and fish are jumping everywhere it was crazy. I was like we are going to slay them today. Fish are leaping out of the water like dolphins feeding on crane/damselflies flie...catching them in the air.

The lake is full of weeds to the surface nothing but pocket water to cast too..we put the boat in the water and the whole thing shuts down...fish here fish there...when we pulled up to the lake it was boiling with fish.

Get in the lake for an hr and let it calm down and its back on....fish jumping everywhere...2 from the boat...had one actually hit the sidewall of the boat.
3-4 hrs later I probably have 30 flies on the deck of the boat that arent catching fish....Im totally frustrated.
Forgot the camera at home and left the phones in the truck.

I think between me and my brother we caught about 5 fish in eight hours of fishing when fish are jumping around you everywhere. When we pull the boat back to shore in the weeds I saw tons of damselflies nyphms in the weeds...thats the ticket...didnt have any.

Went back to my brothers house with our tails tucked between our legs... next morning went back to the sporting goods house that got us on the lake and explain our situation on the lake that day.... his reply was oh thier on those they wont hit nothing else... so I end up buying a dozen damselflie nymphs from a sporting good store that I used to tie for back when I was 16 years old.

He gave us a full day for free... New fly, first cast Bam Bam Bam... all day long.

Once again no camera just one cell phone in the boat.
My brother and I probably caught around 30 to 40 fish a piece that day all about 2 pounds

I saw 3-4 pound fish clear the water but never caught one.

Three days after I left they hired a private company to come mow the weeds and shock the lake to check on the health of the fish... they pulled numerous 6-8lb fish up.

All I have is a couple crappy photos to post. Ill do it though.

In a nutshell I got to see old high school friends I havent seen in 30-40 years..family-10-20
Had a great time and got too drunk to fish the Walker River.
I regret that. Its a hard river to fish And I just didnt have the energy

#17 chugbug27


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Posted 03 September 2018 - 10:15 PM

Sweet, thanks for the report

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