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RBF: inlaying feathers over epoxy question

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Posted 07 April 2014 - 08:59 AM

So I'm making this spey rod. I have inlayed a line of pheasant feathers over black thread ( after applying CP to both thread and the feathers) - all came out real nice. I finished decorative wraps and put one coat of flex coat lite over all wraps and the feather inlay- we are talking about a 8-9 " region that has 1 continuous coat of epoxy ( over decorative wraps, feather inlay and rod manufacture - SAGE- screened on label) .

So here is where I noticed a mess up on my end. Some how during the process of laying down the feather inlay- I didn't check exactly where center line on the rod was- well I was checking everything out last night and found I am off by about 25 degrees- in other words the feather line sits off to the left of the center line of the blank by 25 degrees when the reel is in place- major screw up on my end.

I'm guessing I have 2 options

1) I know one would be to cut away all the epoxy . thread . feathers .... then re- do all the wrapping and feather inlay- would be a considerable amount of work - was a fairly involved, decorative wrap. Really don't want to do this unless absolutely necessary

2) I could just cut out the section of epoxy and 4" long feather inlay - re-wrap the under layer of black thread and re- apply feathers and the re-epoxy. Question- Will the junction where I cut the old epoxy to re-wrap and where I place the new epoxy blend together OK- I realize 2-3 coats will be needed

3) I have thought about applying another line of feathers- to mirror the first set- but this line would be 25 degrees to the right of rod centerline - so I would have 2 lines of identical looking feathers each 25 degrees off center- basically making it look that is how I wanted it to be. Question- can I apply CP on the feathers on top of the previous epoxy, then epoxy over the second set of feathers ( 2-3 coats)??

Thanks for any insight

Bamboo bob

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