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In Topic: 10' 3wt Xi 4pc euro rod

Yesterday, 06:41 PM

Nice grip on that one.

In Topic: Unscrupulous ebay seller

13 September 2019 - 09:38 PM

You guys are very cranky !


In Topic: Teamwork Bugs

13 September 2019 - 08:27 PM

Love the paint work!  Nice tails, too.

In Topic: Bullet proof flies

13 September 2019 - 08:23 PM

I have to play devil's advocate, at this point in the discussion.

1)  Yellowing of epoxy ... how long is "soon"?  If you're tying display flies that need to withstand years or decades of time on a shelf, then maybe yellowing would be problematic.  If you're tying fishing flies, and they're in your box long enough to yellow, then you're tying too many flies. (In my opinion)

2)  Durability ... how durable does a fly need to be?  Even my hard plastic lures used with conventional gear don't last forever.  In many cases, I'll lose a fly to fish or snags long before it falls apart.  My "go-to" fly is the only one I tie that will last through several trips.

3)  Apologies.  I'm not asking the above questions to cause arguments.  I'm only asking because MY tying is for fishing.  I only carry 6 of any one pattern.   I only tie 4 or 5 patterns,  which cover most of my needs.

In Topic: Unscrupulous ebay seller

13 September 2019 - 01:31 PM

Well, he is picturing a higher priced vise than the one is selling (according to his description). To me, that's a misrepresentation.



Isn't it the same as if you bought the vise off of the shelf (in the box) and when you got it home the vise pictured on the box was not in the box. Instead there was a less expensive version in the box.


It's an easy thing to fix, he should fix it. It's also the reason he's had trouble in the past.

To paraphrase myself, "... I hope the buyer gets a higher functioning vise for a larger savings, ..."

If the buyer gets a lower priced item after paying more ... then it is that buyer's right to seek compensation.


It's been noted earlier on this thread and others ... caveat emptor.


I'm not saying the seller shouldn't correct the mistake, since it's been pointed out to them. 

I am asking, "Where do you stop?"  Perhaps, it's now Bill's and your responsibilities to look through ALL the items for sale on E-bay, and to report ALL items that are pictured incorrectly or priced too high for the value.  biggrin.png