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Flat Rock native

Member Since 12 Nov 2013
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In Topic: Synthetic Hair Source

Today, 12:06 PM

Nice tips, PeteJay, thanks!

In Topic: In search of a dry fly pattern (?)

Today, 10:25 AM

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In Topic: Posted two new patterns to data base and no show

Today, 07:34 AM

Colorado girls ROCK in the fishing world, and this is why we should try to keep this forum going in the long run.

In Topic: March Flies From The Vise

Today, 06:55 AM

Some bass bugs I just finished

Beautiful efforts, let me know if you would like me to test them out. Although, I am prettyCertain they will fly and swim just great....

In Topic: Fish Pictures

Today, 12:53 AM

Best trutta for good looks on this planet.. Keep posting, if you have scenery pictures where these were caught, I bet the watershed is awesome. Finis Mitchell made sure we have them here in Wyoming, too. They live in places of sheer beauty.. Thank you...