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Flat Rock native

Member Since 12 Nov 2013
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In Topic: Musky Fly Swap 2017

Yesterday, 07:44 PM

Does everybody have at least a 10wt?  Thinking about whipping up a few more of these..

so my 5wt wont work? Lol
Yep got a 10

Got a Sage 12 With Copper Abel reel but threw the Yak hair streamer handily with a 9 Foot Cabela's, 8 Weight, WF8Floater; Flies like a dart, swims like a Large Yellow Perch in the cookable size range. TigerMuskie food in local waters.

In Topic: Musky Fly Swap 2017

Yesterday, 07:36 PM

Flat Rock,
Last year we ran two options. Single hook and articulated. The articulateds ran in the 11-14 inch range. People came up with various ways to protect the flies. Several put them in Plano boxes. That made both directions of the trip easy.

Ok, I am down with Plano's, just do not want to jam up the plans of others... Thank you

In Topic: Junk Fly Swap

Yesterday, 05:04 PM

Finally in the mail!!!! I was told by the Post Office they will make it up your way Thursday.  I tied an extra set for everyone since I delayed the swap.  Sorry its just be hectic these past few weeks.  I hope everyone has a good week-end!!!!

Thank you, take care and hoping for 2017 to be better for all

In Topic: Musky Fly Swap 2017

Yesterday, 04:55 PM

Flat Rock,
What I have done in the past is put them in an old VHS plastic container. I put it in a VHS box from the post office and put that in a mailing envelope. You need to make sure it can hold six flies. You can use Crackleback's to help you determine the size or look at the pictures from 2016. Can anyone else share their thoughts?

Just curious, my first three iterations are averaging about 12.5 inches, Because I Used maximum natural size on Yak Hair, though it could be tapered back. Been attempting to post some pictures, unsuccessfully, so will try later with another device....

In Topic: Musky Fly Swap 2017

Yesterday, 12:15 AM

PM sent

Should be ready to ship by end of week.. What is the Max size or how large of box will handle these?