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In Topic: Best Fly Tying Vise for the Money Reviews 2017

Today, 03:54 AM

The only correct answer is there is no correct answer. It's all personal preference.

Agreed! Heck, There isn't even a correct question, but Hans and Bruce get as close as we need. Me, you, and everyone else - We are all correct, just get a vise that does it for you, and spin them patterns up.

Fish don't care about price- points, aesthetics, reputation, market-share, return- on- investment, but they need to eat.

For me- Give me a Law, Ekich, J-Vise, or equivalent tool and I will feel insired by that iron sculptured Art and enjoy my art even more. Good tools are fun. If I had a Picasso or Van Gogh to see while I painted, Art Set Pro in my case, it would amp me up to also seek excellence. But, that is just me. This is ART, just put it out there

In Topic: Best Fly Tying Vise for the Money Reviews 2017

Today, 03:09 AM

My peak does the job and won't break the bank!

Got two, and ditto your comment

In Topic: Feb flies from the vise

Today, 01:33 AM

Crackleback variant

Liking, simple fly and creative, non- traditional look... Boom... It catches them

In Topic: Best Fly Tying Vise for the Money Reviews 2017

Today, 01:26 AM

I can't tell you how many 1000's of flies I tied on a Thompson model "B" vise then I upgraded to a DynaKing Professional with every gadget they make for it... I've been tying on that for for 25+ years...it's pure pleasure. I'm sending it back soon though to be cleaned and check out and then selling all of it to finance a Predator vise.
All a vise has to do is hold a hook and not slip..and even it slips you can deal with it. But
let's be realistic at $100 some hook sizes might slip or the maching isn't art work, start spending $300+ and the hook better not slip and the maching should be top notch.
You can buy a KIA or a Lamborghini they will both take you from point "A" to point "B"

Give me Suburban or a Yukon XL, your Kia or aLambo won't get to many of my fishing spots, with my friends, gear or watercraft. But I don't care if others trip with a Kia, zLambo or a freakin Space Shuttle. Hope they love it.
As The Cream recently said: "...Whatever fries your chicken..." I just cannot judge others because I love and happily use a more or less costly thing, if we aren't cheating someone else. You get to decide the Value of any object you buy, so buy what You value and do not look back...

In Topic: Best Fly Tying Vise for the Money Reviews 2017

Yesterday, 11:21 PM

The first sentence of the review sets the tone, showing author's attention to detail. Why trust anything else in this review?

Weilenmann and Salzburg's article may be dated but it gives you a nice methodology to make your own assessment which is a totally, subjective decision based on your own values. Since Hans and Bruce published this, I have purchased 4 vises and been happy with each, all serving a different but important (to me) tying need.

flytire, thanks for posting and sparking up interest in a topic that is always going to be useful to newer tiers and members of FTF...