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Articulated Rainbow Streamer

streamer articulated large streamer

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Posted 07 September 2018 - 11:00 AM

A while back, a subscriber and customer of mine requested that I make a large articulated streamer for him.  He wanted something for large browns pushing 30" that are primarily predatory in a lake he fishes.  He has witnessed the browns attacking rainbow trout up to 10 inches, and says they just wont eat anything else.  So, I started on this pattern. 

I spent a few weeks getting the tying down on this fly, and blew through quite a few hooks.  I started off with a lead dumbbell eye for weight and to keep it swimming upright, and then settled on keeling the fly with some lead wraps.  He wanted to keep this from sinking too fast though, as he was going to fish it on a sink tip line.  So I found the minimum wraps of lead was 5 on a .025 lead wire to keep it swimming upright.   Also, after I filmed this video, I realized that you have to fish it for a minute or two, getting it to sink underwater to soak up water in the rabbit strip in order for it to relax while swimming.  The hide holds air bubbles, and wants to rise to the surface.  Which makes for a funny looking back on the fly.  However I don't think that will effect its fishability as it could be perceived to a fish as a dorsal fin.  However after a few minutes of fishing (or me soaking it in a bowl of water) I did find that it swam more evenly, and that tail kicked out to the side more, rather than wanting to lift up.  
So I myself have not been able to fully test this fly on fish.  I just don't have anywhere I can fish for large browns or pike, or bass that are praying on 6" rainbows.  However I will keep you guys updated on whether or not this works out for him, and if he allows, maybe post up a picture of his very large brown trout he catches with it.  However after working on getting this fly to swim just right for a few months, I am confident fish will like it based on its action.  

Ok as promised here is a list of the materials I used on this fly.
Tail Hook:  Gamakatsu B10S in size 2
Front Hook:  Ahrex PR320 in size 4/0 
Thread:  Veevus 140 Power thread in Olive 
Tail Feathers:  Olive and White Blood Quill Marabou
Tail Flash:  Pearl Krystal Flash
Top Wing:  Black Barred Olive Rabbit Strip
Belly:  Custom Dubbing Brush
Pink Accent:  Pink Version of the Custom Dubbing Brush
Wire: Thin Black Intruder Wire
Bead:  I got it at walmart...  Just find a random plastic bead with holes large enough for the wire to fit through twice.
Dubbing:  White and Olive Senyos Laser Dub
Eye:  7mm "Ice" Living Eyes 
Eye Adhesive:  Gell Super Glue
Head Cement:  Solarez "ultra thin" UV Resin 

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