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Letís hash this out...specific rod for a fly

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#46 TheCream


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Posted 28 May 2019 - 12:03 PM

Im kind of with you Mike
I have a Bream fly rod, (3-4wt) a small bass pond rod (5-7 wt) and then a serious LM Bass Rods (8-10 wt)

The reason I brought this thread up is because I think guys just getting into this sport get overwhelmed and missed lead Into thinking they have to have a streamer rod,a nymph rod and a dry fly rod because what they read here and in the mags/TV

Flyfishing can be a rich mans sport or a blue-collar sport.

I think most guys get lead to its a rich mans sport when it doesnt need to be


In my opinion, it's all about convenience.  Will a 9' 5wt do most things?  Yes.  I have one, I love it, I fish it a lot.  Is it too much rod for small stream trout, both in weight and length?  For me, yes.  Is a 10' rod more beneficial for nymph fishing trout streams?  In my opinion, yes.  Can I use the same 9' 5wt for dry fly and dry/dropper fishing as well as streamer fishing a trout stream?  In most cases, yes.  But, is it convenient to keep swapping leaders and tippet setups from 6x and a 12' leader for dry flies to a shorter leader and 2x for streamers?  Nope.  It's a whole lot more convenient, for me, to have a 6wt rigged with a streamer setup and carry two rods.  Less time rigging, more time fishing. 


One rod can do most things.  I agree.  But there are situations and scenarios where I don't think it's the perfect tool for the job.  It's like carrying a Leatherman.  It's good at some things, and it's handy, but if you have a stubborn screw to remove would you rather have the Leatherman or a screw driver that fits the screw head and is easier to use?  The Leatherman can do it, a screw driver fits the situation better.