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Anyone Collect Watches?

09 September 2019 - 03:53 PM

If so, tell which ones do you collect and why do you collect them?


Carhartt Crazy

02 September 2019 - 08:03 PM

So how many out there in forum land love, appreciate, and use Carhartt products? I have become a fanatic I suppose as just about all I wear anymore are Carhartt brand clothing. I have one of their "Detroit" jackets and it is great for the fall and winters here in east Tennessee. Their suede leather vest is perfect for the between seasons when it is not too cold nor not too hot. Most of all I like their three button Henley pocket tee shirts and I am currently trying to obtain one of each color they carry. As far as rugged clothing goes, Carhartt products are reasonably priced. Many web sites carry "close out" and "irregulars" at discounted prices. The one product I cannot really comment on is their boots. They look good but they don't offer any in my size. I am kind of a little guy and the smallest boot size they have is 8. But that's OK as I only wear Courteney boots anyway.


I Used A Paper Clip

27 July 2019 - 12:58 PM

I'm not sure, but I don't believe there are too many guys on this forum who use older (I prefer to say "vintage") rods and reels. Vintage rods and reels are all I use (I am also a collector). I have about five or so Hardy clone reels in my collection from various manufacturers. I have found them to be very good reels, they hold up well, and you can't beat their drag system. While lining the spool on one of them, when I started to put the spool on the reel, the little leaf spring that presses against the spool release lever broke in two. I looked in my reel parts box and looked for a small piece of metal that could be shaped like the original spring and then have some springiness to it. I finally settled on a paper clip. I used the small end, bent it just a little more to fit into the lever, and installed the cover. Anyway, it worked. The spool is now solidly in place. I don't want to stress the clip spring too much by constantly removing and replacing the spool, and there is really no need to do that anyway.  Just thought I would pass it on.


Right Hand or Left Hand?

19 July 2019 - 12:56 AM

Back in the early days of fly fishing right up until just a few years ago, almost everyone who fly fished whether they were right handed or left handed used reels that were made to be wound with the right hand. As this was (and is) how bait casting and spin casting reels are set up, it made pretty good sense. Open faced spinning reels became popular and spinning rods (were and are) cast with the right hand (if right handed of course) and the spinning reel is reeled with the left hand.


I started fishing in the early 60's with an open faced spinning reel. When I started fly fishing, I found it very difficult (and still do) to switch hands and wind the fly reel with my right hand. Winding the fly reel with my left hand just seemed more natural and easier for me. I now collect and use vintage fly reels. Many of them are set up to be reeled with the right hand. Some of them can be converted over to left hand wind and some of them cannot. Then there are many that can be wound with either hand with little or no conversion work necessary. If I acquire a reel that is locked in at right hand wind and cannot be converted to LHW, I get rid of it. From years of collecting experience, I have learned which model of a particular make that cannot be converted and I avoid those. Once in a while I run across a reel I am not familiar with and I take a chance on it. Then there is the case of two reels the of the same model of the same make and one can be converted and one cannot. Why? Different years of manufacture. Sometimes features are changed and model numbers are not.


With all of that said, if you are still with me, which do you prefer; LHW or RHW?


What Happens When.............?

09 July 2019 - 02:46 PM

It is a perfect fishing day, you get to your spot, make a great cast, and bam! a fish strikes, you set the hook, you fight the fish for a brief time and then, slack. The fish has gotten off, thrown the fly, broke the tippet, or what ever, but the fish is gone. Do you cuss, blame yourself, blame your equipment, or just laugh it off? I used to get real upset but not anymore. The way I look at it is more power to the fish. He may have beat me because I didn't not land him, but I won because I fooled him into striking the fly. If I get the fish to the bank and it flops off or if it gets off just before I land it in the net, more power to him. If a fish strikes my fly I consider it a success. If a fish strikes my fly and gets off, I still count it as a success. I don't have to land every fish to be successful or to have fun. If it frustrates you to the point of ruining your day, find another interest.