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Help me decide which Sink-tip to buy first!

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Posted 06 November 2005 - 11:13 PM

I talked to cornmuse about sink-tips and such. Here's what he recommended for me since I have a 6 and an 8 weight. I can buy one now and save the other for Christmas.

I have a 6 Weight (he recomended a 10' class 5 sink tip- I'm thinking SA Wet Tip) for stream Smallmouth (won't be doing that until April or so), trout (nymphs and stuff at the trout river I fish, and small 6-weight size streamers at the same trout river since it's deeper than a stream.

I also have an 8 Weight (he recomended a 200 grain Teeny) for Ohio River Wipers/White Bass/Sauger/Catfish/Whatever else hits behind the McAlpine Dam, Largemouth, and bigger 4" streamers on the trout river I fish, and generally whenever they're generating. I'm not sure that the sink-tip might be a useless gesture when the current's roaring out the dam on the Ohio, but I'll play around with that.

Let's look at the options and the pluses/minuses:

6 weight


I can fish nymphs and fish 'em more effectively in the deeper river water for trout (4'-6' in a lot of places).

Same with Stream Smallmouth, though the water is more like 2'-4'.


Stream Smallmouth is over until about April.

Trout is about the only thing I'll use it for until April

During non-generating times at the trout river with streamers, a floating line should do the trick fine since you can effectively fish to about 3 feet

8 weight


I can use it at my trout river for streamers when they're generating more effectively than with a floating line

Unless it's royal PITA in roaring current, I can use it for Wipers, etc... behind the McAlpine dam on the Ohio until they leave for the Winter

I can probably use it at Dale Hollow when I visit this winter


Might be a royal PITA behind the McAlpine Dam and not much more effective than a floating line since the drift time is so short

I'm not sure if I can fish a fast sinking line very effectively at Dale Hollow during the Winter

Are the recommended lines about right? I'm thinking the 8 weight line. Should I get the 8 weight line first?
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