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In Topic: I hate painting

Today, 05:24 PM

Deomo with staples in my stomach? Riiiiiiiight, no way I want to end up right back in "that place which name will not be spoken".

In Topic: Tenkara

Today, 02:47 PM

Way too many technical things IMO. Anything scrutinized under a microscope can be questioned. As I said earlier it is all up to what each person views as fly fishing. And for me I do not view it as such, just my views plain & simple. No need to agree with me I'm just answering the question that was asked earlier about what is fly fishing. If someone feels it is fly fishing then more power to'em doesn't bother me in the least to each his own and all that good stuff ;) 

In Topic: I hate painting

Today, 02:04 PM

I need you to come here then Poopdeck if you don't mind drywalling lol. I started ripping the bathroom apart a few years ago and got in over my head and its still in a mess. Problem I ran into was the paneling pulled big chunks of wall down with it because the whole bathroom was plaster. Nothing but a HUGE pain. I need to get back on that this year but not looking forward to it. To do it right I'd have to rip all the plaster out but that would be a job in and of itself.

In Topic: Tenkara

Today, 01:25 PM

 Pretty simply, for most people fly fishing needs to include some sort of fly casting where the line carries the energy to propel the fly. No one is forcing anyone to agree with that, but I think most people view that as the common sense definition.

In Topic: Back to the land of the living

Yesterday, 10:21 PM

Tie some realistic, 3 day flies like Sergio?........NO!

Try some photography, like Terje?.........Terje, is that the Machete Kills guy?

Start building a tooth pick sculpture?......Can't, I used up all my toothpicks yesterday practicing my Stallone Cobra in the mirror "You're the disease, I'm the cure!"

Learn yoga?........The bear?