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In Topic: Some time on the river

Yesterday, 09:36 AM



Very peaceful & foggy daybreak on the river this morning. Leaving here in a few hours to go to the cabin and open it up for the summer. Probably sneak down to the river at the cabin for a few hours tonight and see if I can get into a smallmouth or pike.

In Topic: Some time on the river

20 May 2018 - 08:12 PM

Success! Nothing like waiting till the last day of the trip to finally get the big trout I had been looking for all week. This one made the entire week worth it for me. Hit the same river bend I had been hitting numerous times this week again this afternoon (one of my fav bends) but this time unlike the other days this week a trout hammered the streamer and bent the spey rod right over and started bucking. Fish made a couple great runs and thrashed at the surface making me pray the hook stayed in long enough, but it did and I was able to slide the net under 19" of beautiful Au Sable river rainbow trout. Quick pic and slid him back into the cold waters. The Au Sable makes you work for it's gems, but when it gives one up you truly appreciate what it has given you. I love this river and look forward to calling it home some day :)


In Topic: Some time on the river

20 May 2018 - 12:18 PM

Weekends are busy but through the week it's very quiet. Yesterday I counted 9 drift boat trailers at the first access and saw six wading anglers. Starting this afternoon when they all head home it'll pretty much just be me and maybe see one other wader in the evening.


I may head back in a day or so as well. Been away from things for a week now and should start thinking about getting back to home. Fishing again this evening, and still have to spend a day at the cabin cleaning up the yard and will probably sneak away for a few hours of pike streamer fishing when I get done at the cabin, but will probably be back home by about Wednesday I'm thinking.

In Topic: Some time on the river

19 May 2018 - 07:18 PM

Yeah this section of the river is about 50 river miles upstream from where my cabin is located.

Was a very cold & wet day on the Au Sable today. While the trout have not been very active I've been getting quite the variety of other species. Landed about a 7lb redhorse on the spey rod this morning which was interesting, never seen a redhorse crash out of the water the way this one did numerous times. Also first time catching largemouth in the trout water, not just one but numerous ones today. Pike, walleye and a small bow added to the mixed bag today. Not the big trout I was hoping for on this trip but a nice mix of fish on the fly is always a welcome thing on any trip.

In Topic: Some time on the river

19 May 2018 - 10:27 AM

Getting a little rain here this morning as well so I'm just hanging out the motel watching a little tv at the moment. Going to head to the river in a few hours from now to fish the afternoon/evening. I'm hoping the cloudy skies & rain will help the trout fishing a bit. It's been clear and sunny all week so the change in weather today might be just what I needed (fingers crossed).